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Conservatives Rally Together At Annual CPAC Gathering
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Trump Hires the Hardliner

President Donald Trump's decision to fire National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster and hire the more hawkish John Bolton could have dramatic effects on the White House's approach to foreign policy

Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi

New Congress Budget Avoids Shutdown

Congress gave final approval Friday to a giant $1.3 trillion spending bill that ends the budget battles for now, but only after late obstacles skirted close to a third federal shutdown this year as conservatives objected to big outlays on Democratic priorities

Charles Lazarus with Toy Truck

Toys 'R' Us Founder Charles Lazarus Dies at 94

Charles P. Lazarus, the World War II veteran who founded Toy R Us, has died at age 94, a week after the iconic chain he started six decades ago announced it will shut down its stores across the U.S

2008 Super Bowl - Playboy's Super Saturday Night Party

Former Playboy Model Says Trump 'Tried to Pay' for Sex

A former Playboy model apologized to Melania Trump over an affair she claims she had with President Donald Trump that started with him offering her money for sex. McDougal spoke with CNN's Anderson Cooper about the alleged 10-month affair

The School Shooting Generation Has Had Enough

The survivors of the Parkland school shooting have become the central organizers of what may turn out to be the most powerful grassroots gun-reform movement in decades. But can these kids actually do it? Read more in our new cover story


China Threatens Duties on Pork and Aluminum

China has announced a list of U.S. goods it says may be hit by higher tariffs in response to President Donald Trump's higher import duties. Last year, China bought $3 billion worth of the goods affected by President Trump's tariffs

Maryland School Shooting

Teen Shooting Victim to Be Taken Off Life Support

A teenage girl who was shot when a classmate opened fire inside their Maryland high school is brain dead and is being removed from life support, her mother said. Jaelynn Willey, 16, was shot by 17-year-old Austin Rollins

Inside The Oculus Connect 4 Event

Zuckerberg Apologizes For Facebook Data Scandal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized over a growing data scandal in an interview Thursday, telling CNN's Laurie Segall that that the exposure of users' data to political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica "was a major breach of trust"

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in favor of gun reform legislation at a press conference with family members of Sandy Hook shooting victims on March 21, 2013 in New York City.

Trump: 'Crazy' Joe Biden Would Go Down Crying

President Donald Trump is lashing out at Joe Biden on Twitter for wanting to “beat the hell out of him,” saying the former vice president “would go down fast and hard, crying all the way” if he tried

Sacramento Police Shooting

Police Shot Unarmed Black Man in His Yard 20 Times

Relatives, activists and Sacramento officials are questioning why police shot at an unarmed black man 20 times, killing him, when he turned out to be holding only a cellphone in his grandparents' backyard