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13 Dead in Barcelona Van Attack

The Islamic State group has claimed responsibility for an attack in Barcelona that killed 13 and left 100 injured after a van was driven into a crowd of people. Early Friday, police killed five suspects engaged in a suspected related attack in a seaside town

Tillerson and Mattis hold a press conference in Washington

Trump Advisors: Military Option Exists for North Korea

America's diplomatic and defense chiefs sought to reinforce the threat of possible U.S. military action against North Korea after President Donald Trump's top strategist essentially called the commander-in-chief's warnings a bluff

Beth Holloway

Natalee Holloway's Remains May Have Been Found

More than a decade after the infamous disappearance of Natalee Holloway, an 18-year-old from Alabama who was vacationing in Aruba, her father may have broken the case wide open after discovering human remains

Extreme close up of peanuts

New Therapy May Cure Kids of Peanut Allergy

In a long-term study of the latest treatment for peanut allergy, scientists in Australia report that an immune-based therapy helped children allergic to peanuts eat them without reactions for four years

President Trump Speaks On Infrastructure Meeting Held At Trump Tower

Trump Praises Fake Pig's Blood Story

Hours after a deadly terror attack in Barcelona, President Trump suggested that Islamic terrorists should be executed with bullets soaked in pig's blood, praising a discredited story of a 20th-century atrocity

President Donald Trump Makes Statement On Paris Climate Agreement

Steve Bannon: Opponents Are 'Wetting Themselves'

White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon spoke on his rivals, China and Charlottesville. "They're wetting themselves," Bannon said of his opponents in the state, defense and treasury departments

President Trump Speaks On Infrastructure Meeting Held At Trump Tower

Trump Decries Removal of Confederate Statues

President Donald Trump doubled down on opposing the removal of Confederate statues and monuments, making clear he has no intention of backing down amid widespread criticism over his response to racially-charged violence in Charlottesville

Bottles of Poland Spring water, are arranged on a shelf in N

Lawsuit Says Poland Spring Water Is ‘a Colossal Fraud’

A new lawsuit claims that "not one drop" of the water complies with the Food and Drug Administration's definition of what constitutes spring water, and instead is ground water. The lawsuit seeks at least $5 million in damages for false advertising

CDR Bryce Benson reported as the Executive Officer of USS FITZGERALD (DDG 62) forward deployed from Yokosuka, Japan as part of the Surface Navy’s Command Fleet Up program.

Captain in Navy Warship Crash Relieved of Duty

The captain of a Navy warship that lost seven sailors in a collision with a commercial container ship in June will be relieved of command and nearly a dozen others face punishment, the Navy's second-ranking admiral said Thursday