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Donald Trump rally in Sanford, Fla.
Orlando Sentinel—Getty Images

Trump Looks Beyond Election

Donald Trump is still running for president. But he is also doing a lot of other things. The candidate left the campaign trail at a critical time to promote his new D.C. hotel, one of many times he's used the campaign spotlight for self-promotion


What to Know About the Situation in Venezuela

Protests are heating up in Venezuela this month as President Nicolás Maduro faces major challenges from the opposition party, including efforts to pass a referendum to remove him from office and calls to put him on political trial. Here's what you need to know

Migrants Leave The Jungle Refugee Camp In Calais

Calais 'Jungle' Ablaze as Last Migrants Leave

Large areas of the migrant camp were on fire Wednesday, as more than 1,200 French police and government officials continue to tear the squalid camp down following the departure of over 8,000 residents of the settlement

Wild bull elk

First Elk Spotted in South Carolina Since 1700s

A wild elk has been spotted in South Carolina for the first time in 275 years, officials say. The bull elk was likely kicked out of a re-established herd by dominant males in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee

March Against Femicide and Gender Violence in Sao Paulo

It Could Take 83 Years to Close the Gender Gap: Study

It may take 83 years to see the gender gap in health, education, economics and politics completely close, according to research released in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report for 2016, which surveyed 144 countries

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrives to speak during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 21, 2016.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Slapped with Contempt Charge

A sheriff in Arizona controversial for his hardline approach to immigration enforcement has been officially charged with criminal contempt-of-court for failing to end immigration patrols in the state despite a judge’s orders

Mike Pence Meets with GOP House

Clinton Was Aware of Donald Duck Stunt But Denies Breaking Law

A Clinton campaign spokesman said on Tuesday that the Democratic nominee was aware of a stunt to embarrass Donald Trump for not releasing his tax returns, an operation that a conservative activist group investigated in a new video. But the campaign denied any wrongdoing

You Asked: Are Egg Yolks Bad For Me?

Why You Need to Stop Eating Egg Whites

There's good reason not to fear the yolks. Scientific research has vindicated dietary cholesterol, finding that eating cholesterol has no real impact on cholesterol metabolism. Some evidence even suggests that eggs might even be beneficial for cholesterol


2016 Is Deadliest Year for Migrants in Mediterranean: UN

The U.N. refugee agency says the death toll for migrants in the Mediterranean has reached at least 3,800 this year so far. The Geneva-based agency said that this makes 2016 the deadliest year ever for migrants in the Mediterranean


Airstrikes in Syria Kill 17, Including 14 Children

Airstrikes in Syria killed 17 people, mostly children on Wednesday when warplanes struck a school complex in the northern rebel-held province of Idlib, activists said. The strikes hit as the children were gathered outside the school complex in the village of Hass