The Brief

Russian President Vladimir Putin attends his annual call-in live broadcast in Moscow, 17 April 17, 2014.

Putin Admits Sending Troops

The Russian leader says in a televised Q&A that he sent forces to Crimea and hopes he won't need to do the same in eastern Ukraine

Wisconsin Governor Mellencamp

Wisconsin Passes Custody Law

Wisconsin has passed a first-in-the-nation law that prevents parents from handing over custody of their adopted children without judicial approval


Alleged Heartbleed Hacker Arrested in Canada

Authorities in Canada have made what appears to be the first arrest related to the Heartbleed encryption bug that pushed millions of people to change their passwords, taking a teenager into custody this week for allegedly hacking into the country's tax agency website

Abdul Fattah al Sisi

Egypt’s al-Sisi Leads TIME 100 Poll

Abdul Fattah al-Sisi, the former Army chief who ousted President Mohamed Morsi and who is now running for the presidency, holds a commanding lead in TIME's reader poll for the year's most influential people, followed by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga

Director Bryan Singer

X-Men Director Bryan Singer Faces Teen Sex Lawsuit

Court papers filed Wednesday allege the Hollywood icon sexually abused a teenage boy in 1998 and 1999. The plaintiff claims to have been coerced into sexual acts with the promise of a role in an X-Men film. Singer denies all allegations

Exclusive World Premiere Of AC/DC "Live At River Plate" Presented By DeLeon Tequila

Highway to Health: Sick AC/DC Guitarist on Hiatus

The legendary rock group announced this week that its longtime guitarist Malcolm Young, 61, is taking some time off due to concerns over an illness, but his remaining veteran bandmates plan to keep making music in his absence

Biden Obama Selfie

Biden Opens Instagram Account With Presidential Selfie

Eleven hours after opening the Instagram account @vp, Vice President Joe Biden uploaded a snap featuring President Barack Obama with the caption "Found a friend to join me." He really couldn’t have featured a more prominent guest star

Google's logo at the garage where the company was founded on Google's 15th anniversary in Menlo Park, Calif., on Sept. 26, 2013.

Google Searches for Results After Shares Slump

The tech giant raked in $15.4 billion in revenue, a 19% jump from a year earlier, but missed analysts' revenue and profitability estimates because of declining cost-per-click rates for its search ads and increased costs to make sure it's used on multiple platforms

Colin Keating

20 Years Later, an Apology for the Rwandan Genocide

The New Zealand diplomat who was president of the Security Council in April 1994 admits the U.N. "utterly failed" to prevent the slaughter of up to one million people in Rwanda. He was speaking at a council meeting held to mark the 20th anniversary of the genocide

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry speaks at news conference with Moroccan Foreign Minister Mezouar in Rabat

Kerry: Sanctions on Russia Will Affect U.S. Too

Secretary of State John Kerry warns that with U.S. giants like ExxonMobil and Coca-Cola investing or earning billions of dollars in Russia, imposing sanctions on Russian banking, energy, mining, arms and other industries will affect the American economy

Fall in Heart Attacks Related to Type 2 Diabetes

In a new study, researchers found that the rates of heart attacks and deaths related to high blood sugar dropped 60% from 1990 to 2010. The rates of lower extremity amputations, as well as strokes, dropped by about 50%