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Senate Intelligence Committee Holds Closed Briefing

Senate Will Subpoena 2 of Michael Flynn's Businesses

The Senate intelligence committee says it will subpoena two of former national security adviser Michael Flynn's businesses. Flynn has refused to hand over that information for a previous Senate subpoena for the Russia investigation


Duterte Declares Martial Law in Southern Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte declared the country's south under martial rule for 60 days and cut short a visit to Moscow on Tuesday after Muslim extremists allied with the Islamic State group laid siege to a southern city


10 Jurors Chosen for Bill Cosby Trial

The jury that will hear Bill Cosby's sexual assault case was filling up quickly as lawyers and prosecutors worked to select panelists who they believe would be favorable to their side. The jury so far consists of six men and four women

Trump Russia Probe

Former CIA Director Testifies About Russia Probe

Former CIA Director John Brennan says he had "unresolved questions" about whether members of the Trump campaign who had contact with Russians were working "on their behalf, either wittingly or unwittingly"


Trump Calls for Peace Between Israel and Palestinians

President Donald Trump made a personal appeal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians, calling on both sides to put aside the "pain and disagreements of the past," as he closed a four-day swing through the Middle East Tuesday

Trump to Face Polar Opposite in Meeting With Pope

When they meet for the first time on Wednesday morning in the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis and Donald Trump's competing visions of greatness will come to a head — with potential diplomatic and political consequences

Space Station

Astronauts Made Urgent Repairs at the Space Station

Spacewalking astronauts made urgent repairs at the International Space Station, three days after a critical relay box abruptly failed. The 250-mile-high replacement job fell to commander Peggy Whitson, the world's most experienced female astronaut

Microsoft New Surface Pro

Microsoft Just Unveiled a Faster New Surface Pro

Microsoft unveiled its latest Surface Pro, which it says offers faster performance, longer battery life and an improved design over the Surface Pro 4. The new Surface Pro will be available on June 15 starting at $799