The Brief

German Federal Chancellor Merkel receives the Prime Minister of Moldova, Leanca, at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany on July 10, 2014.
Adam Roe—Scholz Press/Corbis

Germany to U.S.: Get Out

Germany has told the top U.S. intelligence official at the American embassy in Berlin to leave the country. The dismissal comes amid ongoing investigations into alleged U.S. spying in Germany, which have raised tensions between the two allies


Amazon Sued Over Kids' Apps

Feds alleged that Amazon “blurred the line between what costs virtual money and what costs real money,” making millions off kids' in-app purchases

Rocket launched from Gaza strip into Israel, July 9.

Israel Ramps Up Gaza Offensive

An IDF spokesperson told TIME that rockets fired from Gaza are entering Israel at a rate of about six an hour, prompting a heavy and deadly retaliation

John Boehner

Boehner and Obama: Border Disorder

House Speaker John Boehner indicated that the House won't pass President Obama's bill to combat the border crisis, calling it a "blank check." Obama has said that he would send the National Guard to secure the border—a move Boehner supports—if the bill passed


Verizon: Buffering Problems Are Netflix’s Fault

Verizon published a lengthy blog post Thursday arguing that Netflix’s mismanagement of its video streaming traffic has led to slower speeds for users, firing another shot in a months-long public relations battle over who should pay for Internet traffic

World Cup Luis Suarez

FIFA Denies Luis Suarez's Appeal for Chiellini Bite

Uruguayan Luis Suarez's appeal of his suspension has been denied by FIFA, soccer's governing body announced on Thursday. After Suarez bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match in June, he was banned from nine of Uruguay's matches

Houston Suburban Shooting

Houston Shooting Kills 6

Six people died in a shooting Wednesday when a gunman opened fire at a home in suburban Houston, authorities said. Four children were among the victims, who prosecutors said had been tied up and shot in the back of the head

Barack Obama

Obama Eyes Softer Tack in New Drug Policy

The Obama Administration unveiled an updated drug policy Thursday, including a new emphasis on treatment and addiction programs and a push to curb abuse of heroin and prescription painkillers, but no change on marijuana


Forced Smile? Bergdahl Pictured With Taliban Commander

A previously-unseen photograph of what appears to be Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl smiling alongside with a senior Taliban commander was posted to a Twitter account associated with the Afghan Taliban, a new salvo in the propaganda war with the West

From left: Jack Gleeson as Joffrey Baratheon and Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell in Season 4, Episode 2 of HBO's Game of Thrones.

HBO the One True King of Emmy Nominations

Game of Thrones received 19 Emmy nominations Thursday, fueling HBO's 99 total nominations, including two for best drama. Netflix, with its hit series Orange Is the New Black, also fared well with 31 nominations. Check out the highlights here

Cattle gather on a strip of dry land in low-lying areas of the Bolivian Amazon, after heavy rains from the El Nino weather phenomenon on Feb 22, 2007 in Beni, Bolivia. The rains affected 350,000 people, destroyed valuable agriculture and killed 23,000 cattle.

El Niño Forecasted to Wash Up This Summer

The El Niño weather system, a band of warm ocean temperatures, has a 70% chance of onset in the Northern Hemisphere this summer, according to a top U.S. weather agency. El Niño may benefit the East Coast by disrupting incoming tropical storms

China's President Xi Jinping gestures during a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and China's Vice Premier Liu Yandong at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing July 10, 2014.

Chinese Hackers Zero In on U.S. Federal Workers

Chinese hackers penetrated the computer networks of a U.S. government agency in March, senior Washington officials have said, gaining access to databases that store the personal information of all federal employees