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U.S. Flood Risk Could Be Worse Than We Thought

U.S. coastal cities could be more vulnerable to floods than we thought, since the way scientists have traditionally analyzed storm surge and heavy rainfall may underestimate their flood risk, according to new research

Boston Olympics

Boston Bids Farewell to 2024 Olympics

The U.S. Olympic Committee has severed ties with Boston, ending its bid for the 2024 games. The Boston bid soured within days of its beginning in January, beset by poor communication, low public support and an active opposition group

President Barrack Obama speaks during a joint news conference at the National Palace in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on July 27. 2015.

President Obama Says GOP Criticism 'Ridiculous'

President Obama let loose his most aggressive comments to date about the Republican candidates vying to succeed him in the White House, saying "the American people deserve better" than "ridiculous" and "ad hominem" attacks

Operation Northern Watch Enforces No-Fly Zone

U.S. Prepares to Fly Deeper into Syrian Civil War

The U.S. is planning to launch "no-fly zones" over a stretch of northern Syria, with the help of neighboring Turkey. The goal is to open up a safe haven for Syrians displaced by the country’s civil war

Launch of Bank of Ideas & Innovations

APJ Abdul Kalam, Former President of India, Dies at 83

One of India's most renowned rocket scientists, who served as the nation's 11th president, died of cardiac arrest at the age of 83. Tributes poured in from Indian luminaries, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and cricket star Sachin Tendulkar


NFL Setting New Ball Inspection Rules

In the aftermath of Deflategate, the NFL will have game officials appointed by the referee inspect the 48 footballs for each game more than two hours before kickoff. In the past, the referee inspected the footballs

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Planned Parenthood Targeted By Hackers

Planned Parenthood says it has informed the FBI and Department of Justice of a malicious attack on its servers by "extremists who oppose Planned Parenthood's mission and services" who are threatening to leak the personal data of its staff

Terminator 2

Robotics Experts Call for Ban on AI Weaponry

Physicist Stephen Hawking, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak are among the biggest names calling for a ban on "offensive autonomous weapons" in an open letter signed by hundreds of artificial intelligence and robots experts

Kurds Turkey ISIS Airstrikes

Turkey Carries Out Strikes Against ISIS and Kurdish Targets

Syria's main Kurdish militia and an activist group say Turkish troops fired several shells on a Syrian village near the border. Since Friday, Turkey has been carrying out air strikes against ISIS targets in Syria and Kurdish rebel positions in northern Iraq