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Sergei Ilnitsky—AP

Putin Defends Trump

Russian President Putin accused the outgoing U.S. administration of trying to undermine President-elect Trump by spreading fake allegations. Putin described a dossier on Trump as part of efforts to "undermine the legitimacy of the president-elect"


Trump's Approval Ratings Hit Historic Low

Donald Trump doesn't take office as President of the United States until Friday, but his approval ratings have already hit a historic low for incoming American presidents, according to new polls. He's the least popular incoming president in at least four decades

Wife Of Orlando Nightclub Shooter Arraigned In California

Orlando Gunman's Wife Knew About Attack: Prosecutors

The widow of the Orlando nightclub gunman knew about the attack ahead of time, prosecutors said as she appeared in court to face charges of aiding and abetting her husband in the months before the rampage last June that left 49 people dead


The Search for Flight 370 Is Over

After nearly three years, the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has ended in futility. Crews have completed their deep-sea search of a desolate stretch of the Indian Ocean without finding a single trace of the plane, which disappeared in 2014

The British Prime Minister Delivers Her Brexit Speech

Theresa May Sets Britain on Course for a Hard Brexit

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May has outlined her vision for a United Kingdom outside the European Union, confirming that Britain will leave the bloc's single market in order to regain full control of immigration

Nintendo Switch Preview Event

Nintendo Boss: Switch Online Will Have 'Nintendo Flair'

With Switch, Nintendo is making the case for a spectrum of experiences phones and tablets don't offer. But what about third party support? Online services? We asked Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé these questions and more


Nigerian Fighter Jet Kills at Least 100 in Accidental Strike

A Nigerian Air Force fighter jet on a mission against Boko Haram extremists mistakenly bombed a refugee camp, killing more than 100 refugees and wounding aid workers, a Borno state official said. A Red Cross worker said 20 of its volunteers had been killed

CPAC 2016

Interior Nominee to be Quizzed on Public Lands, Coal

Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke says he wouldn't sell, give away or transfer public lands, a crucial stance in Western states where access to hunting and fishing is considered sacrosanct. The Montana native has also advocated for more oil and gas drilling

Apple Fans Await iPhone 7

Apple’s British App Store Is Getting More Expensive

App Store prices are on the rise by more than 25% in the U.K., thanks to the softening of the pound sterling since Britain's June vote to leave the European Union. Apps worth 79p (97 cents) will soon cost 99p ($1.21)

Turkey Attack

Istanbul Gunman Captured After 2 Weeks on the Run

Turkish authorities captured the gunman who carried out the deadly New Year's nightclub attack in Istanbul, with officials saying that he's an Uzbekistan national who trained in Afghanistan. He is believed to have entered Turkey in January 2016