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Washington Wildfire

‘Mind Blowing’ Flames Destroy Homes in Washington State

From just across the Wenatchee River, Dominick Bonny watched a whole neighborhood in his central Washington town burn as a wildfire destroyed two dozen homes and forced hundreds to flee: "It was like we were watching a natural disaster within arm's reach"

26 Million Facebook Users Added Rainbows

More than 26 million Facebook users added a rainbow filter to their profile photos over the weekend to mark the Supreme Court decision on gay marriage using a piece of code created by two interns.

Puerto Rico Struggles With Impending Debt Crisis

Puerto Rico’s Debt Is Worse Than Detroit’s Debt Was

Puerto Rico is in 3½ times as much debt as Detroit was in when it filed Chapter 9 bankruptcy in 2013. The island's $72 billion debt is larger per capita than any state, but the island's government can't file bankruptcy like Detroit did

Thursday, Oct. 9, 2014 file photo

Search for Execution Drugs Continues

The search for more effective lethal injection drugs and execution methods won't end following the Supreme Court's decision on Monday upholding Oklahoma's use of a controversial sedative.

Hillary Clinton Addresses Virginia Democratic Party's Annual Jefferson-Jackson Party Dinner

What Hillary Clinton Learned From This 2013 Campaign

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, a number of staffers and her strategy all come from Terry McAuliffe’s successful Virginia gubernatorial race in 2013. Now in its third month, Clinton’s campaign has adopted key strategic lessons

ABC News: Donald Trump Interview

NBC Cuts Ties With Trump Over Immigration Remarks

NBC has cut longstanding ties with Donald Trump following the presidential hopeful's controversial comments about immigration. The network will no longer be the home of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, which Trump produces stock photos Health Syringe Needle

California Lawmakers Pass Strict School Vaccine Bill

The California senate has passed a bill that requires most children in public schools to get vaccinations and ends exemptions from vaccinations for personal beliefs. Gov. Jerry Brown has not said whether he will sign the bill

Avril Lavigne Celebrates 30th Birthday

Avril Lavigne Is ‘Excited for Life After’ Lyme Disease

Avril Lavigne has been candid about her struggle with Lyme disease, and the singer opened up even more about her illness in a new ABC News interview, in which she criticized doctors who didn’t take her health as seriously as they perhaps should have

Apponequet Regional High School students, Mollykate Rodenbush, Brittany Tainsh, and Michaela Arguin (from left), hold the handwritten reply from Whitey Bulger.

Mobster Whitey Bulger Pens Remorseful Letter to Teen Girls

James "Whitey" Bulger, the Boston crime boss who was convicted of 11 murders, has penned a letter to three 17-year-old girls. "My life was wasted and spent foolishly, brought shame + suffering on my parents and siblings," he wrote in the note


Uber Offers Free Rides to Its New York Protest

Uber is using an unusual resource to protest a New York City proposal: its own cars. Protesters attending an Uber rally outside New York's City Hall on Tuesday can get free rides to and from the event through the company's carpooling service