The Brief

Menahem Kahana—AFP/Getty Images

Israel's Fighting Iran, Too

American and Israeli officials have long accused Iran of helping Hamas build up its massive arsenal of rockets, including some with particularly long range. They now say Tehran's fingerprints are all over the rockets Hamas is firing into Israeli cities and towns

LeBron James

LeBron’s Going Home

James announced today that he will return to the Cleveland Cavaliers, a squad he left in 2010 for the Miami Heat in a move that prompted intense scorn

Vice President Joe Biden speaks at the National Governors Association convention on July 11, 2014, in Nashville, Tenn.

Biden Asks Governors to Lead

Joe Biden told the nation’s governors Friday that it is up to them to lead the country out of the political gridlock between Congress and the White House


Three Days In, Pot Shop Out of Stock

Seattle’s only legal marijuana dispensary is out of pot just three days after opening its doors. The shop, Cannabis City, expects to reopen on July 21, according to a voicemail message for incoming callers. The store sold 11 pounds of the drug in three days

Martin O'Malley

O'Malley Breaks With Obama Over Kids Crossing Border

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley broke publicly with President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Friday, calling for a more humane policy toward the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors who have illegally crossed into the U.S.

Students Taking Tests Common Core

Teachers Union Pulls Full Support for Common Core

Supporters of the Common Core testing standards discovered Friday morning that one of their most avid allies, the American Federation of Teachers, is bailing on them, in a blow to standards the White House has emphasized as its key education priority

Lyft Car

Lyft Delays NYC Launch Amid Legal Spat

The ridesharing service said it will now seek government approval before launching in New York. The state attorney's general office had sought a restraining order after failed attempts to get Lyft to comply with state law

Supreme Court Hears Case Pinning Startup Internet TV Company Aereo Against Major Broadcast Networks

Aereo Thinks It Can Come Back From the Dead

Even Aereo's biggest investor said a Supreme Court decision last month meant the company's life was over, but now it has a new tactic: Taking advantage of differing definitions in two laws that it thinks will give it cheap and legal access to broadcasters' content

The National Gay Blood Drive is happening in 63 cities nationwide

This Blood Drive Is Fighting the FDA Ban on Gay Donors

During the National Gay Blood Drive, which takes place on Friday in 61 cities, gay men come to the blood drive locations with an ally or proxy—a straight friend or family member—who donates blood in their place, to show the FDA the number of gay men willing to donate

Ronald Lee Haskell

Texas Shooting Suspect Collapses in Court

Ronald Lee Haskell, accused of slaughtering six people in his extended family, collapsed during his first court appearance Friday as the judge read the capital murder charges against him. Court bailiffs in Harris County, Texas, caught the suspect before he fell to the ground


FTC Sues Amazon Over Kids’ In-App Purchases

In a new lawsuit, the Federal Trade Commission says that Amazon has wrongfully billed some parents for hundreds of dollars in unauthorized charges for in-app purchases. Many free apps marketed towards kids let users make additional “in-app” purchases as they play the games

A Specialist trader watches his chart while working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

SEC Halts Trading of Stock That Gained 25,000%

Federal regulators halted trading of over-the-counter stock CYNK Technology, a social networking company with no revenue or members, after it inexplicably gained about 25,000% in recent days and reached valuations of more than $5 billion