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A man takes part in a prayer vigil at the site where two police officers were shot in the head in the Brooklyn borough of New York
Carlo Allegri—Reuters

'Don't Blame the Protesters'

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, whose father and grandfather were policemen, argues that the tragic murder of two NYPD officers this weekend should not be used to discredit the growing movement of peaceful protests that have come in response to shootings by police. "Police are not under attack, institutionalized racism is," he writes

School Attack Suspects Arrested

Pakistani police say they have arrested several people suspected of facilitating the deadly attack on a school in the city of Peshawar last week

Ascending line graph and list of share prices

Americans Are Feeling Confident About Their Job Hunt

Thirty-six percent of Americans are confident they can find a good job, the highest number since November 2007, a new poll reports. The U.S. has added over 2 million jobs so far in 2014, the most since the 1990s

Pope Francis delivers his blessing at the end of an audience with Italian athletes in St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican

Pope Francis Slams Vatican Bureaucracy

The Pope had some blunt criticism for Vatican bureaucrats on Monday when he urged Roman Curia officials to remember their duty to serve in charity and love “Sometimes, [officials of the Curia] feel themselves ‘lords of the manor,’” he said

A picture shows copies of the novel "Fifty Shades of Grey" on display at a book shop in central London on July 19, 2012.

50 Shades of Grey to Debut at Berlin Film Festival

The film adaptation of E L James’s best-seller about the erotic awakening of a young woman and her mysterious billionaire boyfriend will make its international debut at February’s Berlin Film Festival, two days before the film opens in U.S. theaters on Feb. 13

Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of China's Xiaomi Inc., gives a lecture at Wuhan University in Wuhan, China on Nov. 29, 2014.

China’s Xiaomi is Now Worth More Than Uber

Xiaomi, the Chinese maker of affordable smartphones, is now one of the most valuable tech startups in the world at an estimated $45 billion, surpassing Uber’s $41 billion valuation. Xiaomi's valuation has skyrocketed 350% over the past 16 months

Google Top Searches of 2014 List

Western Journalist Granted Access to Islamic State Lands

Jürgen Todenhöfer, the first Western journalist to be granted access to ISIS-controlled territories, has returned with a warning: the terrorist group is "much stronger and much more dangerous” than its adversaries understand

Killings By Police March

Shootings by Police Voted Top Story of 2014 in Poll

The killing of unarmed black men Michael Brown and Eric Garner by police officers was voted the top news story of 2014 in a survey of news directors and editors around the country. Voters placed the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as second biggest


Fast Food Could Make Children Perform Worse in School

A new study shows that American children who regularly eat fast food don't perform as well as their fellow students in school. Researchers found kids who eat the most fast food have lower test scores in science, math and reading

Kim Jong Un

North Korea Threatens Strikes on U.S. Amid Hacking Claims

President Barack Obama is "recklessly" spreading rumors of a Pyongyang-orchestrated cyberattack of Sony Pictures, North Korea says. Its National Defense Commission warned that its 1.2 million-member army is ready to use all types of warfare against the U.S.