The Brief

President Barack Obama shakes hands with Cuban President Raul Castro during the official memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela at FNB Stadium, Dec. 10, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

U.S., Cuba Make Nice

The U.S. and Cuba will work to normalize diplomatic relations for the first time in half-a-century, after the release of an American prisoner

Dow Jones Average Follows Foreign Markets And Closes Lower

Dow Surges 300 Points

The Dow surged after the Federal Reserve signaled it was closer to raising interest rates due to a stronger economy, but promised to be "patient"

People carry the coffin of a male student who was killed in Tuesday's attack on the Army Public School, which was attacked by Taliban gunmen, during his funeral in Peshawar, Dec. 17, 2014.

Pakistan Begins 3 Days of Mourning After Massacre

A brutal attack the day earlier on an army-run school in Peshawar claimed more than 140 lives, 132 of them children. The nation is struggling to come to terms with one of the deadliest attacks since the Pakistani Taliban launched its insurgency seven years ago

University of Utah Researchers Work Toward Cure For Ebola Strains

Scientists Spot Drugs That Could Treat Ebola

Scientists have identified 53 existing drugs that could be effective in fighting Ebola, according to newly published research that came from screening drug compounds already available to see if they can treat the deadly disease


Uber Promises to Make Rides Safer

Uber outlined various steps it is taking to make the popular ride-sharing app more secure, following multiple highly publicized incidents of driver misconduct that have put the company under fire in the U.S. and abroad

Stephen Collins in Beverly Hills in 2010.

Stephen Collins Confesses to Child Molestation

Actor Stephen Collins has admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with three female minors in a statement to People. "Forty years ago, I did something terribly wrong that I deeply regret," Collins said

President Putin at Kremlin, in Moscow, Dec. 8, 2014.

Russian Economy Collapses Along With Putin's Stature

The ruble plummeted around 20% against the dollar on Tuesday as Russia's worst economic crash since 1998 gathered steam, sapping the authority of Russian President Vladimir Putin and perhaps causing him to rethink his country's actions in Ukraine

Policeman in office, portrait

Law Enforcement Is the Fattest Profession, Study Finds

A new analysis finds that 40.7% of police officers, firefighters and security guards are obese, the highest rate of obesity of all professions. On the other side of the obesity scale is a grouping of economists, scientists and psychologists, with an obesity rate of 14.2%.

Timo Pre Fall 2009 Launch with Interview Magazine

Robin Williams’s Son Opens Up About the Loss of his Father

Robin Williams's oldest son Zak reflected on his father's legacy in a new interview with People four months after the actor took his own life at age 63. "Often I see something or if I'm watching a film, I think, 'Oh, man, he would have appreciated this,'" he said

The Simpsons

Mythbusters to Mythbust The Simpsons

The hit Discovery Channel show, hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, will test assumptions in some classic moments from the The Simpsons. The tests, according to Savage, will involve cherry bombs, toilets and wrecking balls

North Carolina Politics

Jeb Bush Eyes Run for Presidency

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush announced Tuesday that he will "actively explore" running for president in 2016. "I think we need to have candidates lift our spirits," he said, one day before announcing his formal intention to explore a campaign