The Brief

Vaccines Don't Cause Autism

A new study on vaccines finds even more evidence that childhood immunizations aren’t linked to autism, even among children at higher risk

Saudis Start New Yemen Fight

The Saudi-led coalition targeting rebels in Yemen says the so-called "Decisive Storm" campaign is over, but that allies will launch a new phase

american soldier

Same-Sex Military Couples Speak of Obstacles

Stories of frequent moves and fragile parental rights are behind a legal brief that former military officials filed to the Supreme Court before hotly anticipated oral arguments next week about whether states can ban same-sex marriage

Town Rallies Behind Blue Bell After Ice Cream Recall

The closure of Blue Bell's Broken Arrow, Okla., factory after a listeria outbreak raised concerns about the future of the company's workers and the impact on the local community. The company contributed to local civic organizations

87th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Full House Revival Is Coming to Netflix

Netflix has ordered a 13-episode revival of Full House, titled Fuller House. The sequel will focus on original cast members Candace Cameron-Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber. John Stamos will be the producer and a guest star

Catholic Bishop Charged

Pope Francis Accepts Resignation of U.S. Bishop

Pope Francis on Tuesday accepted the resignation of a U.S. bishop who pleaded guilty to failing to report a suspected child abuser, in the first known case of a pope taking action against a bishop for covering up for a guilty priest


Confined Chimps Will Get Their Day in Court, Judge Rules

A New York judge ruled this week to grant lawyers representing two chimpanzees a hearing to challenge the animals' confinement or protection from unlawful imprisonment. The judge amended her earlier ruling that included the chimps' right to habeas corpus

Members of a new Palestinian joint force patrol in Palestinian refugee camp Ain el-Helweh, in Lebanon on April 19, 2015.

Palestinians Created Force to Fend off ISIS

After seeing Yarmouk in Damascus being taken over by ISIS, Palestinian factions have vowed to stop the same from happening in Lebanon. Palestinians have tried to stay out of the Syrian conflict despite their factions being split

Loretta Lynch

Long Wait for Attorney General Nominee Will Soon Be Over

Loretta Lynch, the first female African American nominee for Attorney General, has waited over 160 days for her confirmation vote. Her wait should be over this week, “hopefully” in the next few days, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced


A Migrant's Harrowing Journey From Senegal to Italy

With at least 1,000 migrants dead in the Mediterranean this past week, European officials are scrambling to devise ways to halt the armada of smugglers' boats crossing from Africa. Here's the story of a 28-year-old who survived the journey