The Brief

Tropical Weather

Hurricane Maria Lashes Dominica

Hurricane Maria smashed into Dominica with catastrophic winds, leaving what one official described as "widespread devastation" from the monster storm now threatening Caribbean islands already ravaged by Hurricane Irma

Group Of Republican Senators Introduce The Graham-Cassidy-He

Senate Republicans Have New Obamacare Repeal Plan

Senate Republicans are revving up a final push to scuttle the Affordable Care Act, President Barack Obama's signature health care law. But the effort faces low odds of success and just a two-week window to prevail

Toys R Us Is Said To File For Bankruptcy

Toys ‘R’ Us Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Toys 'R' Us Inc, the largest U.S. toy store chain, filed for bankruptcy protection on Monday, the latest sign of turmoil in the retail industry caught in a vice-like grip of online shopping and discount chains


Suu Kyi Says She Doesn't Fear International Scrutiny

Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's State Counselor and effective ruler, defended her country against international criticism over the swirling Rohingya crisis. In a speech, she said that "more than 50%" of Rohingya villages in Rakhine state were intact

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Shut Down by Young Immigrants at DACA Event

Dozens of protesters marched into Nansy Pelosi's event in San Francisco showing their displeasure over her recent meetings with President Trump over the DACA program that protects young immigrants from deportation

Taylor Swift Performs At Circuit Of The Americas

Taylor Swift Is Being Sued Over 'Shake It Off' Lyrics

Taylor Swift is refuting a new lawsuit claiming that her lyrics for the 2014 single “Shake It Off” are unoriginal. “This is a ridiculous claim and nothing more than a money grab,” Swift’s rep tells PEOPLE

St. Louis protesters surround mayor's house; windows broken, paint thrown

Protests Are Disrupting Life in St. Louis

When a former police officer was acquitted in the fatal shooting of a black suspect, protesters vowed to show their disdain by disrupting business in downtown St. Louis. They quickly succeeded

US Bombers Fly Near Military Demarcation Line Between Two Koreas

U.S. Flies Warplanes Over Korea in Show of Force

The U.S. military flew advanced bombers and jets over the Korean Peninsula and near Japan in drills on Monday, three days after North Korea fired a missile over Japan and amid heightened tensions in the region overall

Trading On The Floor Of The NYSE As U.S. Equities Go Back On Menu

Equifax Was Hacked 5 Months Before It Previously Said

Equifax has come under intense scrutiny since it announced earlier this month that hackers accessed personal data of 143 million U.S. consumers. But the company knew about a significant breach of its computer systems nearly five months before the date it originally said

The new Webster encyclopedic dictionary of the english language including a dictionary of synonym and teelves supplementary reference sections

Merriam-Webster's Dictionary Adds 'Alt-Right' and 'Troll'

Merriam-Webster announced that about 250 new terms were added to the dictionary's ranks. Newly defined words often reflect people's preoccupations — whether in technology or pop culture— and several terms in this batch reflect America's political climate