Speaker John Boehner says House will elect new speaker on Oct. 29

The Brief

South Carolina Hit By Historic Rain And Flooding
Sean Rayford—Getty Images

9 Dead in Carolina Floods

Another day of heavy rain drenched an already inundated South Carolina as rescue teams went door-to-door to check on people in swamped neighborhoods and authorities surveyed a statewide road system torn apart by historic storms that left 9 dead

Pacific trade talks near landmark deal

U.S. and Pacific Nations Reach Landmark Trade Deal

The United States reached a landmark trade agreement with 11 Pacific Rim nations, setting global commerce and worker standards that would bind together 40% of the world's economy. The Trans-Pacific Partnership still faces a congressional fight

Victims of the U.S. Airstrike on Doctors Without Borders Hospital in Kunduz, receive treatment at the Mazar-e-Sharif Regional Hospital in Balkh, Afghanistan on October 04, 2015.

White House Seeks Answers on Afghan Hospital Bombing

President Obama thinks investigations by the Pentagon, NATO and Afghan security forces will provide answers on why an Afghan hospital was bombarded Saturday, but he does not think an independent investigation is necessary.


Ancient Chinese Remedy Helped Win the Nobel Prize

Three scientists won the Nobel Prize in medicine, including Youyou Tu of China, who was recognized for discovering Artemisinin, a drug that has significantly lowered mortality rates from malaria and is based on a centuries-old Chinese remedy

U.S. Announces Final Resolution Of Civil Claims Against BP For Gulf Oil Spill

U.S. Finalizes $20 Billion BP Oil Spill Settlement

The Justice Department and five states have finalized a settlement worth more than $20 billion arising from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, ending five years of legal fighting, federal officials announced

Mideast Syria Russia

Russia Struggles To Justify Bombing Syria

As Russian jets have flown bombing raids against rebels in Syria, the search to justify this military effort has strained Kremlin propagandists and bewildered audiences. Unlike the war in Ukraine, the Kremlin is struggling to sell its action in Syria to an unconvinced public


Car Bombs Across Iraq Kill at Least 36

Explosions in the Shiite-majority town of al-Khales, in Iraq's southern Basra province and in the capital Baghdad on Monday killed at least 36 people and wounded dozens as the government continued its efforts to combat extremism across the country

Bahamas Missing Ship

Cargo Ship Caught in Hurricane Sank: Coast Guard

The Coast Guard said that a U.S. cargo ship carrying 33 people that has been missing since it encountered high winds and heavy seas from Hurricane Joaquin sank and one body was found, but planes and ships will continue searching for the missing crew

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Clinton Pushes Gun Control After Oregon Shooting

Hillary Clinton will announce a new plan Monday to expand gun control laws in the wake of the deadly shooting at a community college in Oregon last week. Clinton's proposals would extend background checks on weapons purchases stock photos Health Syringe Needle

Supreme Court Won't Challenge NY's Vaccine Requirement

The Supreme Court will not hear a challenge to the state of New York's requirement that kids get vaccinated before starting public school. Three parents had tried to challenge the requirement when their children were prohibited from going to school due to the rule

Won Moon Joo

North Korea Frees Detained NYU Student

North Korea freed a South Korean national who is a student at New York University, in a possible sign it wants better ties with rival Seoul and may back away from a recent threat to launch a long-range rocket later this month

Squawk on the Street

Co-founder Named Permanent CEO of Twitter

Twitter announced that Jack Dorsey, its co-founder and interim CEO, has become the company’s permanent CEO. As part of the announcement, the company said Dick Costolo, Twitter’s former CEO, stepped down from Twitter’s board