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Barack Obama
Evan Vucci—AP

'If I Ran, I Could Win'

President Obama said that if he could run for a third term he thinks he would win, while calling for African leaders to adhere to term limits during a historic speech before the African Union

UNITED STATES - JULY 23: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., during an event in the Capitol on the Equality Act that bans discrimination against LGBT people in federal law, July 23, 2015. Also appearing, from left, are Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga., David Cicilline, D-R.I.,  Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., Reps. Chaka Fattah, D-Pa., Mike Honda, D-Calif., Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., and Cory Booker, D-N.J. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Corporate Giants Back LGBT Law

The makers of Cheerios cereals and Nike sneakers are joining the makers of iPhones and Ziploc baggies in supporting proposed sweeping legislation that would ban discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans at their jobs, homes and schools

kurdish forces troops fight turkey isis

Why Turkey Sees the Kurds as a Bigger Threat than ISIS

Last week, the Turkish government announced it was joining the war against ISIS. Since then it has arrested more than 1,000 people. But most of those arrests, say Kurdish leaders, have hit Kurdish and left wing groups, not ISIS

Cardinals Female Coach Football

Arizona Cardinals Hire First Female NFL Coach

In a historic move, the Arizona Cardinals have announced that they have hired Jen Welter, the first-ever female NFL coach. Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who made the decision to hire Welter, said that gender shouldn't come into play when it comes to coaching

flooding climate change

U.S. Flood Risk Could Be Worse Than We Thought

U.S. coastal cities could be more vulnerable to floods than we thought, since the way scientists have traditionally analyzed storm surge and heavy rainfall may underestimate their flood risk, according to new research

Seattle Gay Pride Parade

Boy Scouts Officially End on Ban on Gay Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America on Monday ended its blanket ban on gay adult leaders effective immediately while also allowing church-sponsored Scout units to maintain the exclusion for religious reasons. The new policy takes effect immediately

Shanghai Composite Index Slumps Below 3,500 Points On Wednesday

Chinese Markets Continue to Fall

China’s stock markets continued their precipitous slide on Tuesday, falling almost two percent despite state regulators’ frantic attempts to stabilize the country’s volatile indexes. Market interference by state regulatory officials has yielded ambiguous results stock photos Food Snacks Chips Cheetos

A New Taste Has Been Added to the Human Palate

We classify food as sweet, sour, salty, bitter or umami, but a new paper published in the journal Chemical Senses argues that we're missing another basic taste: fatty. It's called oleogustus, and it's the unique taste of fat, says one of the authors of the study

Operation Northern Watch Enforces No-Fly Zone

U.S. Prepares to Fly Deeper into Syrian Civil War

The U.S. is planning to launch "no-fly zones" over a stretch of northern Syria, with the help of neighboring Turkey. The goal is to open up a safe haven for Syrians displaced by the country’s civil war

This picture taken on August 21, 2009 in

Denmark Bans Kosher and Halal Animal Slaughter

Denmark banned on the religious slaughter of animals, prompting a furious backlash from Jewish and Muslim community representatives. Jewish and Muslim butchers must now stun animals before slaughter which will render them impure in the eyes of the religious