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President Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton In Las Vegas Area
Ethan Miller—Getty Images

Obama: GOP Is Trump’s Party

As Election Day draws nearer, President Obama is capitalizing on his high approval ratings to ramp up his push for Democrats up and down the ballot—aligning Republicans with the party's rapidly deflating presidential nominee Donald Trump

Migrants with their luggage leave the "Jungle" migrant camp, as part of a major three-day operation planned to clear the camp in Calais, northern France, on Oct. 24, 2016.

Authorities Close the Calais 'Jungle' Camp

French authorities began clearing out the sprawling Calais 'Jungle' camp on Monday, with the first government buses shuttling migrants to accommodation centers leaving the camp in the morning

Joint Forces Battle To Retake Iraqi City Of Mosul From ISIS

ISIS Sets Oil, Sulfur Fires in Battle for Mosul

Some of the oil fires have burned since last summer. On Friday, Islamic State fighters reportedly torched the Mishraq sulfur plant, north of Qayyarah. At least two civilians died from the effects of the gas

Hit Factory Live: Christmas Cracker

Singer Pete Burns Dies of Heart Attack at 57

British singer Pete Burns has died of a heart attack, his management team confirmed. He was perhaps most famous for the 1985 hit “You Spin Me Round (Like a Record),” which hit No. 1 in the U.S. and around the globe


How the AT&T-Time Warner Merger Could Hurt Consumers

The deal’s risk to consumers is clear. Following its acquisition of DirecTV, AT&T is the largest pay-TV operator in the US. It is also the second-largest wireless data provider and the third-largest broadband provider. That gives it a lot of control

The average level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere across the globe passed 400 parts per million last year, a symbolic milestone in man-made climate change, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) confirmed Monday.

The World Just Passed a Dangerous Climate Change Milestone

The average level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere across the globe passed 400 parts per million (ppm) last year, a symbolic and worrying milestone in growth of manmade climate change, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) confirmed

Tom Hayden Portrait Session And Book Signing At Book Souo

Tom Hayden Famed 1960s Anti-War Activist Dies at 76

Famed '60s anti-war activist Tom Hayden, whose name became forever linked with the celebrated Chicago 7 trial, Vietnam War protests and his ex-wife actress Jane Fonda, has died after a long illness. He was 76 years old, and has left behind a legacy of impassioned progressivism

Crib In Childrens Room

Sleep in Same Room as Your Infant, Docs Urge

Infants should sleep in the same room as their parents for at least the first six months of their life to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), according to new pediatrics guidelines. But parents should not share the same bed as their baby

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally At Regent University In Virginia Beach

A New Low for Trump … in the Polls

Hillary Clinton has jumped into a 12-point lead against rival Donald Trump in a new poll, pushed largely by disapproval of the Republican nominee. The poll, one of many with a large deficit for Trump, shows his support dropping to a new low as Clinton's soars