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Bernie Makes It Official

Bernie Sanders, the gloomy populist and self-proclaimed socialist running for President, has a solid shot at second place in the Democratic nomination fight. Win or lose, he will force the frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, to take a serious look at his progressive platform

Afghan policeman keeps watch near the site of an attack in Kabul,Afghanistan

4 Militants Die in Attack in Upscale Area of Afghan Capital

A siege in Kabul ended in the early hours of Wednesday with the deaths of four armed attackers, though no civilians or security personnel were injured or killed, an Afghan official said. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in tweets on a recognized account stock photos Birth Control Pills

Newer Birth-Control Pills Raise Clot Risk

Blood clots have been a known risk of oral contraceptives since the 1990s, but for most women the chances seemed small enough to justify taking the Pill. A new study puts a number on the risk of developing potentially fatal clots after using it

Damage from storms in Texas

Texas Searches for People Missing in Floods

Floodwaters deepened across much of Texas as storms dumped almost another foot of rain on the Houston area, stranding motorists and inundating the congested highways of the nation's fourth-largest city. The search goes on for at least 13 missing people

Cleveland Police Shooting

Cleveland Okays New Cop Rules

The police agreed to close oversight from an independent monitor, pledged to overhaul its use of force regulations, and said it would develop a recruitment policy to attract a more diverse force after the Justice Department found it had regularly used excessive force

Evan Spiegel

'We Need to IPO,' Says Snapchat Founder

After declining an acquisition offer from Facebook in 2013, the startup's founder says he has closed the door to all future offers. "We need to IPO, we have a plan to do that," Evan Spiegel said on Tuesday. "An IPO is really important"

Taco Bell Beef

How Your Favorite Fast-Food Meals Are Changing

Taco Bell and Pizza Hut will begin to nix all artificial colors and ingredients from their food. The fast food restaurants are the latest shaking up their menus to prove to increasingly health-conscious customers that what they're eating is, in fact, "real food"


How Much Alcohol Is Too Much? This Much

Researchers led by a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School combed through data collected from 4,466 elderly people about their alcohol consumption, to determine what level of intake can help the heart and what level can do it harm

US Immigration Relief

Court Keeps Ban on Obama's Immigration Plan

A federal appeals court refused to lift a temporary hold on President Obama's executive action that could shield as many as 5 million immigrants illegally living in the U.S. from deportation