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Donald Trump in ChicagoDonald Trump

Trump Deserted By Partners as Immigrant Furor Grows

Business partners of Donald Trump lined up to either break ties or distance themselves from the billionaire property mogul Thursday, as he refused to apologize or back down from inflammatory remarks about Mexican immigrants being "rapists"

Greece Bailout

Greece Readies for Vote as Cash Shortages Bite

The battle for Greek votes was in full swing Thursday ahead of a weekend referendum that could decide whether the country falls out of the euro. For Greeks, particularly the elderly, the struggle to get cash ground on in the face of massive uncertainty


90% of Americans Eat Too Much Salt

New findings show that from 2011 to 2012, the average daily sodium intake among U.S. adults was 3,592 mg, which is well above the public health target set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services of 2,300 mg

Wedding cake visual metaphor with figurine cake toppers

Montana Polygamists Seek Marriage License

A trio from Montana argue that under the Supreme Court decision recognizing same-sex marriage as legal, their polygamous relationship should be legally recognized too. "If you read the justice's statement, it applies to polygamists," Nathan Collier said

Sunburned Back and Shoulders girl

Dermatologists Warn About the Dangers of Sunburn Art

Artistic sunburns are spreading through social media—but doctors say they raise the risk for melanoma. "It definitely is not a good idea," a dermatologist said. "Any time you get a sunburn, you’re at more risk for melanoma"

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock: It's 'Open Hunting Season' on Women

The Oscar-winning star says it's a difficult time to be a woman in the media spotlight. “I feel like it’s become open hunting season in how women are attacked and it’s not because of who we are as people, it’s because of how we look or our age,” she said

Employers Post Most Job Openings In Four Years In June

U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops to 5.3%

The United States labor market put in a tepid performance in June, with the addition of only 223,000 jobs — but unemployment declined to a seven-year low of 5.3% in June, after inching up to 5.5% in May

Washington Navy Yard

Police Report 'All Clear' at Washington Navy Yard

The military base was on lockdown Thursday morning after reports of shots being fired, just two years after a gunman killed 12 people there. But after a heavy police and FBI response, local authorities said there was no evidence of shooting

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Dukes of Hazzard Star Rips TV Land for Dropping Show

John Schneider is blasting TV Land for its decision to erase from its schedule — due its depiction of the Confederate flag — reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard, the wholesome show that made the actor a teen idol in the 1980s.