Liberia officials say they will prosecute man who brought Ebola to US for lying on health form

The Brief

Protesters confront police overnight outside the legislative government complex on Oct. 2, 2014 in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Protests May Turn Ugly

Police carried what looked like riot gear into the compound late Thursday. Pro-democracy protestors reacted by calling more people to the scene

The Daily Front Row Second Annual Fashion Media Awards - Arrivals

Hacked Celebs Blast Google

A lawyer representing more than a dozen celebrities whose personal photos were stolen issued a scathing letter to Google threatening a $100 million lawsuit

Gay Marriage

Supreme Court Passes on Gay Marriage Debate for Now

The Supreme Court skipped an early opportunity to wade back into the national debate on gay marriage Thursday. The nation’s top court did not include the seven different pending cases regarding same-sex marriage on a list of arguments it has agreed to hear


Long Island High Schooler Dies After Football Collision

A Long Island high school junior died late Wednesday after colliding with an opponent in a varsity football game. The risks of injury and death in football have come under increasing scrutiny recently, in the wake of deaths of two other young football players

Exclusive Portraits Of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Chief Executive Officer Warren Buffett

Warren Buffet’s Firm Is Getting Into Cars

Berkshire Hathaway announced Thursday that it has agreed to buy the fifth-largest owner of U.S. auto dealerships, Van Tuyl Group. Warren Buffet described the new acquisition as “a big, very well-run business whose economics I understand”

The Toy Fair

Angry Birds Maker Rovio to Cut Up to 130 Jobs

Rovio Entertainment, the company that brought Angry Birds to smartphones, toy stores and theme parks, said on Thursday it plans to cut up to 130 employees, or 16% of its workforce, "towards a simplified organization"

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson Testifies To House Committee On Recent Security Breaches At White House

Secret Service Director Steps Down

Julia Pierson resigned amid embarrassing new revelations of breaches to the protective cordon around President Barack Obama. Pierson, who had been in the job only a year, submitted her resignation to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

Michael Dunn

Florida Man Guilty of Murdering Teen Over Loud Music

A Florida man was convicted of first-degree murder on Wednesday in the 2012 death of a teen following an argument over loud rap music. During his trials, Michael Dunn argued he shot out of self-defense, claiming he saw a weapon flashed before opening fire

Circa 1450, Portrait of Vlad Tepes 'Vlad the Impaler'(c 1431-1476), from a painting in Castle Ambras in the Tyrol.

Archaeologists Believe They Found Dracula’s Dungeon

Researchers in Turkey have made a spooky discovery, just in time for the start of Halloween season: the cell where the real-life basis for the vampire Count Dracula, the Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler, was held in the 1400s

Google Gives San Francisco Free Wi-Fi in Public Places

On Wednesday, San Franciscans were able to hook their gadgets up to free Wi-Fi that launched in 32 public locations. All that connectivity was funded by a $608,000 check from Google, in a move that could be seen as the tech behemoth taking steps to foster goodwill

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talks about his views and his new book "World Order" with Bob Schieffer on "Face the Nation" in Washington, Sept. 3, 2014.

Kissinger Made Plans to Attack Cuba, Say Records

U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger ordered contingency plans drawn up nearly 40 years ago to attack Cuba, according to government documents. Kissinger advocated for strong action to stop Fidel Castro, fearful that his incursion in Africa was making the U.S. look weak