The Brief

Yamil Lage—AFP/Getty Images

More Victims in Cuba Attacks

The United States says two more government workers are confirmed victims in the unexplained Cuba attacks. The State Department is increasing the official tally from 22 to 24. The new victims "do not reflect new attacks"

A Conversation With JFK

Donald Trump Will Allow JFK Files to Be Released

Donald Trump says he doesn't plan to block the scheduled release of thousands of never publicly seen government documents related to John F. Kennedy's assassination, "subject to the receipt of further information"

Reaction To Imprisonment Of Key Figures In Catalan Independence Movement

Spain to Remove Catalan Leader Carles Puigdemont

For the first time in its nearly 40 years of democracy, Spain has acted upon Article 155, the provision in its constitution that permits it to revoke powers from autonomous regions during times of crisis

What Time is the Orionid Meteor Shower?

The Orionid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend

The starry spectacle is set to take place between Oct. 20 and Oct. 22, offering a dazzling display that should delight veteran and novice stargazers alike. Here are the best times to watch

Explosive Devices Raid

Man Had Guns, Explosives and Images of Schools: Police

Sheriff's deputies conducting a child porn raid on a Florida home Wednesday found an arsenal of guns and explosives and a homemade silencer, along with a note promising "bloody revenge." Investigators found the weapons in a locked closet


Donald Trump: The End of the Islamic State 'Is in Sight'

President Trump says the end of the Islamic State "is in sight" after the militant group was driven out of Raqqa, its self-declared capital in Syria. Trump said the recapture of Raqqa by the Syrian Democratic Forces is "a critical breakthrough"

Wounded Veteran Taxes

Wounded Veteran Sees Loans Forgiven But $62K Tax Bill

The IRS is asking a wounded veteran from Michigan to pay $62,000 in income taxes on the federal government's cancellation of his student loans. First Lt. Will Milzarski served two tours in Afghanistan that left him with a traumatic brain injury