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New York City's Homeless Population Shows Sharp Rise In Last Five Years

Report: Poverty Rate Declines

A Census Bureau report released Tuesday finds the percentage of Americans living in poverty in 2013 declined year-over-year for the first time since 2006

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United Will Offer Big Buyouts

The airline will offer thousands of flight attendants an early and voluntary buyout option, a lump-sum payout worth up to $100,000, in a bid to downsize

Ebola in Liberia

U.S. to Commit $500 Million in Ebola Fight

On Tuesday, President Obama will announce more efforts by the U.S. to lead a global battle against the spread of the deadly virus. Obama has called America's response to the disease a "national security priority," with top officials leading the government's efforts

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Survey Finds Fewer Americans Without Health Insurance

The first government survey conducted since the Affordable Care Act's major insurance expansion programs went into effect finds that the number of uninsured Americans dropped 8% — or 3.8 million people — in 2014's first quarter compared with the same period last year

Altuzarra - Front Row & Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2015

Thursday Night Football Drops Rihanna After CBS Slam

Rihanna took to Twitter to vent her outrage at the way the NFL has handled using her music since the Ray Rice incident — last week, CBS and the league pulled a segment featuring "Run This Town" — and got CBS to reverse its decision to play it this week

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Last Month Was the Hottest August in Recorded History

New data released by NASA shows global temperatures climbed 0.7 degrees Celsius above their average between 1951 and 1990 to their highest point ever recorded; researchers noted that August 2014 is at a "statistical tie" with other Augusts in the past decade

APTOPIX California Wildfires

This week has seen wildfires spread throughout the state, from Yosemite National Park to the central region near San Francisco, and now to the small town of Weed on the border with Oregon; on Monday night, 100 homes burned down as 1,500 residents were evacuated

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Stopping America's Hidden Overdose Crisis

“Doctor-shopping” by patients addicted to opioids is one of the primary reasons that fatal overdoses of prescription drugs are on the rise — nearly 17,000 from pain medications in 2011 — but patchwork laws make them tough to stop

Britain Scotland

British Politicians Make Final Push to Save Union

Prime Minister David Cameron implored Scottish voters not to let their dissatisfaction with his government lead them to opt out of the United Kingdom in the Sept. 18 referendum: "If you don't like me — I won't be here forever"

"Begin Again" New York Premiere

Apatow Series Love Is Headed to Netflix for 2 Seasons

Netflix announced Tuesday that it had signed a two-season deal for Judd Apatow's new comedy series Love, starring Community's Gillian Jacobs and I Love You Beth Cooper star Paul Rust, who will also be a writer on the show