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Campaign 2016 Debate
John Locher—AP

'If I Win'

Donald Trump said he will accept the outcome of the presidential election—if he wins. And he said he might contest the results if they don't go his way, doubling down on his statement that raised the prospect of breaking with bedrock traditions of democracy

Barack Obama

President Obama Blasts Rubio for Trump Support

President Obama lambasted Marco Rubio on his home turf, slamming the senator who ran against Donald Trump in the primary, yet later endorsed his candidacy. He also mocked the Republican Party for continuing to support Trump despite multiple controversies

Kurdish Peshmerga fighters stand in an area near the town of Bashiqa, some 25 kilometers northeast of Mosul, Iraq, as smoke billows in the distance on Oct. 20, 2016.

U.S. Takes First Casualty in Mosul Offensive

The first U.S. casualty in the offensive against ISIS in Mosul came as a coalition of Iraqi forces engaged in fierce fighting with ISIS militants defending the caliphate's largest redoubt in Iraq

melting snowman winter weather

Warm Winter Expected in Much of U.S.: Forecasters

Residents all across the southern U.S. should expect winter to be warmer and drier than usual, federal forecasters said, thanks to the potential start of the La Niña climate pattern. The Northeast will see an average winter stock photos Condoms Sex

STD Rates Reach Record High in United States

There were more cases of sexually transmitted diseases in 2015 than in any previous year, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It marks the second year in a row the rates of these diseases have increased

New York Giants v Pittsburgh Steelers

Giants Kicker Admitted Abusing His Wife, Police Say

New York Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted to physically abusing his wife in letters, emails and personal journal entries entered into police evidence. One journal entry in the police documents released this week showed Brown wrote: “I have abused my wife”

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Reveals Radical New Game Console

Nintendo's new console, out March 2017, is called Nintendo Switch. It's a tablet meets a gamepad meets docking station, and it looks almost exactly like the mobile-console hybrid observers have been speculating the Japanese games company might deliver for years


Another Woman Says Donald Trump Groped Her

Yet another woman has come forward to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, just hours after the Republican presidential nominee argued at the third debate that the many harassment allegations against him are untrue

Flint Water

EPA Waited Too Long to Declare Flint Emergency: Watchdog

The EPA had sufficient authority and information to issue an emergency order to protect residents of Flint, Michigan, from lead-contaminated water as early as June 2015 — seven months before it declared an emergency, the EPA's inspector general said

Operation "Euphrates Shield" against Deash

Russia Agrees to Extend Pauses in Fighting in Aleppo

A U.N. aid official for Syria says Russia has agreed to extend daily pauses in military action against rebel-held eastern Aleppo for four more days. The U.N. on Thursday received verbal assurances for the extension by a day


Philippine President Duterte Pivots on South China Sea

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte agreed that bilateral dialogues would solve festering disputes in the disputed maritime territory, in a victory for Beijing and a blow for Washington's calls for a regional code of conduct