Jon Bernthal in Marvel's Daredevil Patrick Harbron/Netflix

The Punisher Trailer Is Even Bloodier Than You'd Expect

Jul 21, 2017

Before the Comic-Con panel for Netflix's Defenders superhero series on Friday night, Jon Bernthal, who plays the Punisher in Daredevil, showed up to promote his upcoming spin-off series. He offered an exclusive look at footage from Punisher to Comic-Con fans. The full trailer isn't available online yet, but here's a summary of what happens in the clip:

Bernthal's Punisher plays the guitar, first with a girl (his daughter) and then alone. He's seen in a corner, clearly troubled by the loss of his family.

Cut to the Punisher doing what he does best: punishing. First he takes out several motorcyclists in Alabama, running them over with his car. Then he takes an impressive sniper shot and kills a man as he's romantically engaged with a woman in Juarez, Mexico from a perch in El Paso, Texas. Finally, he strangles a man in a bathroom stall in JFK airport in New York.

The show is set to premiere later this year.

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