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Fruit Punch Pickles in a Jar Are Definitely Here to Satiate Your Cravings for Salty and Sweet

Jul 19, 2017

If you're looking something to nosh on this summer that will satiate your cravings for something sweet and savory, look no further than fruit punch pickles, the unique snack you never knew you needed.

Called "Tropickles," these pickles are being sold under the Great Value brand at 1,2000 Wal-Mart stores this month. The "Tropickles" are described as "fruit punch flavored pickles" and retail for $2 a pop.

As might be expected, the Internet had plenty of feelings about these brightly colored, fruity-flavored pickles and took to the web to share their thoughts.

One shopper simply expressed his disbelief by saying "What in the world."


Another customer enjoyed the tropickles, noting that fans of sweet pickles would enjoy it.

A radio show even had their staffers try the unique snack.

@megisnotreal & @day_in_paradiso tried #tropickles on the show today-- and they love/hate them! 😍😂😛

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