TORONTO, ON - JANUARY 20- Frozen Bone Broth (L-R) Beef/Chicken, Chicken and Beef. (Tara Walton/Toronto Star via Getty Images) Tara Walton/Toronto Star—Getty Images

Now You Can Make Bone Broth in Your Keurig Machine

Jan 21, 2016

The "bone broth" trend is bubbling over into the most mainstream area: It can now be made in Keurig machines.

The San Diego-based LonoLife sells 10-cup packs of "chicken bone broth" and "beef bone broth" for $19.99, as well as a vegetarian version for $14.99. The buzz about these K-cups started after the soup pods were spotted at the Winter Fancy Food show in San Francisco last weekend.

The craze for the prehistoric food started simmering this time in 2015, when word got out that a downtown Manhattan storefront was serving up a broth that people were sipping like a beverage. This "liquid lunch," a staple of the Paleo diet, has been hailed as a remedy for joint pain, dry skin, and upset stomachs— though experts say it's time to put a lid on all the talk about its health benefits, arguing that these anecdotes are no substitutes for evidence-based medicine.

(h/t Eater)

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