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Google Removes Illustration of Android Robot Urinating on the Apple Logo in Google Maps

The user-generated drawing was spotted in Google Maps on Friday

A new twist in Google’s and Apple’s battle for world domination: Google has removed an illustration of the Android robot relieving itself on the Apple logo found in Google Maps, just outside of Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

CNN Money reports that former Samsung employee Ahmad Babar noticed the crude image and uploaded this screenshot to Instagram:

Has anyone else seen this on Google Maps? Saw it while searching for a place in Rawalpindi

A photo posted by Ahmad Babar (@ahmadbabar) on

Another user-generated image that has since been removed:

The tool relies on contributors to keep maps of their areas current with local, insider information, and a regular, “vetted” contributor appears to be responsible for the gag, a Google spokesperson told the website.

It’s not the first time this kind of a joke has happened. The Washington Post points out that last week, a map of the White House displayed a fake business called “Edward’s Snow Den.”

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See What Happened When Late Late Show‘s James Corden Arranged a Blind Date on Air

He and Jason Alexander kept a close eye on the couple

On the The Late Late Show with James Corden Thursday night, one of the sketches involved the comedian setting up a man and a woman on a blind date at a Hollywood restaurant. Of course, because this is late-night television, Corden has bugged the room, so he and Jason Alexander (aka George on Seinfeld) could spy on the two.


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Watch Mark Ruffalo Answer the ‘Sexist’ Questions Scarlett Johansson Always Gets

Get ready to learn about the Hulk's suit preferences

In this clip, Cosmopolitan UK asked Avengers: Age of Ultron star Mark Ruffalo the kind of “sexist” questions his co-star Scarlett Johansson has to answer in interviews all the time, such as:

  • “What are you wearing on the red carpet this evening?”
  • “Do you have any special poses for the red carpet that you know will be so flattering?”
  • “Did you feel much pressure to slim down, get in shape, go on a diet?”
  • “Have you got any sort of cleansing tips on the removing the tough-to-remove makeup?”

Johansson, who plays the Black Widow in the superhero series, looks amused as Ruffalo embraces “his feminine side.”

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See the Sweet Way a Straight Teen Asked His Gay BFF to Prom

A heartwarming 'promposal'

The Internet is buzzing about Jacob Lescenski of Las Vegas Desert Oasis High School, who asked his gay best friend and Student Council president Anthony Martinez to prom in front of the whole school.

Here is a photo of how he asked, which has racked up thousands of retweets and favorites:

‘Tis the season for “promposals,” in which high schoolers ask each other to prom in elaborate ways, from the massively successful stunts shown on Jumbotrons in sports arenas to the massive fails like fake bomb threats that lead to week-long suspensions.

(h/t Logo)

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This Heartbreaking Obituary Sends a Powerful Message About Drug Addiction

"Guide them to rehabilitation before it is too late"

The obituary for Molly Parks—a 24-year-old heroin addict who overdosed while working in Manchester, New Hampshire—is going viral because her family wrote about her addiction at great length, hoping to inspire other drug users to quit.

“Along Molly’s journey through life, she made a lot of bad decisions,” the obituary reads. “She fought her addiction to heroin for at least five years and had experienced a near fatal overdose before…If you have any loved one’s who are fighting addiction, Molly’s family asks that you do everything possible to be supportive, and guide them to rehabilitation before it is too late.”

She dropped out of community college after a year, and her father Tom Parks of Saco, Maine, told the Washington Post that she had been in rehab three times. But the family was hopeful that her new job delivering pizzas would help her turn the corner.

Four days after a trip home, according to a Facebook post written by her dad that formed the basis of the outspoken obituary, she was found with a needle in her arm in the bathroom of the restaurant where she worked.

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Groupon May Have Sold Counterfeit Broken Condoms

In Australia

Groupon Australia is recalling Durex-branded condoms purchased on its website in the last month because it turns out they are counterfeit and thus may not safeguard users against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.

“It has been identified that the condoms sold are counterfeit goods and may have defects such as holes in the latex,” according to a warning on the Australian Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The warning applies to condoms sold between March 12 and April 10, 2015 by Edgelounge Enterprises, and Groupon Australia is reaching out is reaching out to the customers who bought the products.


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The First YouTube Video Was Uploaded 10 Years Ago

Today in Internet history

On April 23, 2005, at 8:27 p.m., YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim uploaded the first YouTube video “Me at the zoo.”

Shot by high school friend Yakov Lapitsky (who went on to become an engineering professor), it shows Karim talking about how cool elephants’ trunks are. The nearly 20-second clip has been viewed nearly 20 million times.

Ten years later, YouTube is “the most valuable storytelling outlet our planet has ever seen” and its CEO Susan Wojcicki is “the visionary behind YouTube’s next evolution,” as Academy Award-winning producer Brian Grazer writes in this year’s TIME 100 issue, which recognizes Wojcicki as a “Titan” in the tech industry.

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Student Suspended After Wearing Fake Bomb During Promposal

He will not be attending the event

A Washington state high school suspended a senior for five days Wednesday because he asked a girl to Saturday’s prom while wearing a belt with fake explosives, The Columbian reports.

In the cafeteria of La Center High School north of Vancouver, Wash., Ibrahim Ahmad, 18, stuffed the pockets of the paintball vest around his waist with red tubes and wires and held up a sign that read “I kno it’s A little Late, But I’m kinda…THE BOMB! Rilea, Will U Be My Date To Prom?”

Ahmad, who won’t be going to prom, told The Columbian, “In ‘promposals,’ you’re supposed to go big.”

School superintendent Mark Mansell told the newspaper the suspension was appropriate because “I want all my kids to feel safe.”

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Avengers: Age of Ultron Stars Under Fire for Calling Scarlett Johansson’s Character a ‘Slut’ and ‘Whore’

Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner have since apologized, calling the comments "juvenile" and "tasteless"

A Digital Spy UK interview with Avengers: Age of Ultron stars Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans has sparked controversy because the actors called Scarlett Johansson’s character Natasha Romanoff—aka spy/assassin/agent “the Black Widow” in the Marvel universe—a “slut” and a “complete whore” when the interviewer asked what they thought of fans’ expectation that she’d end up with one of them.

Some fans have called the remarks sexist, while others maintain they were just being sarcastic. A glimpse of the Twitter reactions:

Chris Evans apologized for the remarks in a statement: “Yesterday we were asked about the rumors that Black Widow wanted to be in a relationship with both Hawkeye and Captain America. We answered in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some fans. I regret it and sincerely apologize.”

Jeremy Renner also released a statement: “I am sorry that this tasteless joke about a fictional character offended anyone. It was not meant to be serious in any way. Just poking fun during an exhausting and tedious press tour.”

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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This Site Predicts How Badly Your Barista Will Misspell Your Name

Operations Inside A Starbucks Corp. Coffee Shop
Jason Alden/Bloomberg

Using photos of coffee cups with customers' names misspelled from popular Tumblrs

Grumpy web users in need of a caffeine fix love to post photos of Starbucks cups that have their names misspelled. The goofs happen to celebrities, and nearly 10 million people have watched parodies of the errors on YouTube.

Now, with this new “What’s My Starbucks Name?” generator, fans of the meme can enter a name and a photo of a coffee cup with a totally different name will appear. Bob’s Burgers writer Justin Hook created the app using cup photos from the “Starbucks Name Fail” and “Starbucks Spelling” Tumblrs.

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