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Watch an NCAA Player Accidentally Reveal His Crush at a Press Conference

Nigel Hayes' embarrassment is so real

A college basketball player put the madness in March Madness this week when he said something he didn’t mean to say while his mic was hot.

At a Sweet Sixteen press conference in Los Angeles, Nigel Hayes, a sophomore forward for the Wisconsin Badgers, turned to one of his teammates and, referring to the stenographer, said “Gosh, she’s beautiful.” His mic picked that up, and the whole room started laughing. He asked the woman, “Did you hear that?” and covered his face.

(h/t Bleacher Report)

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Watch a Guy Build an Iron Throne Out of Carrots for His Pet Rabbit

"The carrot throne is mine by rights"

The ultimate Game of Thrones fan and animal lover has built a replica of the series’ Iron Throne entirely out of shredded carrots for his Brooklyn, N.Y.-based rabbit named Wallace — also known as “Wallace the Mad King” on YouTube.

Did the rabbit eat all of the veggies? In a Reddit thread, the owner admits “I ate most of it.”

In the user’s last viral stunt, he taught the rabbit how to fetch him a beer.

Season 5 of the hit HBO show premieres April 12.

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Watch a Passover-Themed A Cappella Parody of ‘Uptown Funk’

It's pitch perfect

Grab the popcorn — or matzo! On Wednesday, Jewish a cappella group Six13 debuted its Passover-themed parody of “Uptown Funk,” the hit Mark Ronson song featuring Bruno Mars, exclusively on Time.com.

Sample lyrics:

This is that age old
Passover tale that’s retold
This is what we listen to
While eatin’ through those matzah pieces
Climbin’, tilin’
Buildin’ Egyptian cities
We worked hard and prayed to G-d
And He freed us all, so get ready
It’s Pesach! (Oh man)
There was a burning bush on fire, man
It’s Pesach! (Big fans)
Cause the Pharaoh drew God’s ire, man
It’s Pesach! (Change pans)
So he took us out of Mitz-ra-yim
It’s Pesach! (Let’s scram)
So it’s bad if you have chametz (Clean it up)
Kids, singin ma nishtana (3x)
Cause Uptown Passover’s comin’ to ya (3x)
Seder tonight and we saved you a spot
Don’t be slavin’, just nosh (6x)

Six13 is the same group behind the viral Hanukkah parody of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

The spoof is so catchy that you will probably get the lyrics stuck in your head and sing them all through Passover, which begins the evening of April 3 and ends the evening of April 11.

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See Elephants Stop Truck From Overturning After It Gets Stuck in Mud

The elephants were on their way to a circus in Texas

Police found two elephants trying to keep the 18-wheeler transporting them from overturning during its journey from New Orleans to the Dallas area Tuesday morning.

The truck, carrying three elephants from a Florida circus, got stuck in mud on Interstate 49 near the Powhatan exit in Natchitoches Parish, La., at about 7 a.m., according to a statement from the Natcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office. A “local wrecker service” was called in to extract the truck.

The elephants were en route to a circus in Frisco, Texas.

Natcitoches Parish Sheriff's Office
Natcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office
Natcitoches Parish Sheriff's Office
Natcitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office

(h/t ABC News)

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No, Emma Watson Is Not Going to Penn for Graduate School

daily pennsylvanian penn graduate school emma watson
Michael Tran—Getty Images

Seems like a prank Fred and George Weasley would have pulled

The Daily Pennsylvanian, the University of Pennsylvania’s student newspaper, has fooled Harry Potter fans with a joke article announcing that actress Emma Watson (who plays Hermione in the hit film series) will study English at Penn’s graduate school.

The newspaper publishes an annual joke issue in the weeks leading up to April Fools’ Day.

Jane Austen fans and students in the English department knew the story was too good to be true when the article quoted an English professor named “Catherine Bennet,” while true Brits and Anglophiles raised their eyebrows at the name “Kingsley Pennyton.”


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This Guy Thought He Could Cheat the Carpool Lane by Riding With ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’

He got fined and Twitter-shamed

Police in Washington state recently encountered a most interesting use of the carpool lane.

Washington State Patrol trooper Guy Gill pulled over a driver with a cardboard cutout of actor Jonathan Goldsmith — otherwise known as the “Most Interesting Man in the World” from the Dos Equis beer commercials — in his passenger seat so that he could use the carpool lane along Interstate 5 near Tacoma, Wash.

“He’s my best friend,” said the driver, who got a $124 fine and Twitter shamed by Washington State Patrol:

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Watch a Moth Lay 2 Eggs in a Reporter’s Ear on Live TV

"This African Moon moth is mating with my ear lobe"

A reporter in the nation’s capital recently got an earful, not from a juicy source or whistleblower, but from… a moth.

FOX 5 reporter Bob Barnard says an African moon moth laid two eggs in his ear during a live shot from the butterfly pavilion at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.

“This African Moon moth is mating with my ear lobe,” he said during an interview with Dan Babbitt, manager of the museum’s insect zoo.

He posted two photos on Twitter. A brief clip of the segment is below:

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Here’s the Real Reason the Villanova Piccolo Player Sobbed on National TV

She also got to play with The Roots

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night, the late-night host interviewed the young woman who became a meme over the weekend when a Jumbotron caught her crying while playing the piccolo after NC State defeated Villanova in the March Madness tournament.

“My dad was at the game, and I didn’t want him to see me crying, but then it turned into, like, everyone saw me crying,” Roxanne Chalifoux said, prompting Fallon to burst out laughing.

But the point of the segment was not only to laugh at Chalifoux, but also to let her play the piccolo with the Roots and give her a goodie bag of ice cream for her dorm and two tickets to Taylor Swift’s world tour (which Fallon claimed was a gift from the pop star herself).

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Taco Bell Folded a Biscuit Into the Shape of a Taco and Is Calling It Breakfast

taco bell biscuit taco frito taco
Taco Bell—AP

It will reportedly also test a taco shell made of Fritos

Taco Bell is adding a biscuit taco to its national menu beginning March 26. It is exactly what it sounds like — a biscuit shaped like a taco that can be stuffed with “eggs, sausage, cheese or deep-fried chicken and jalapeño honey sauce,” the Associated Press reports. “It has between 370 and 470 calories, depending on the fillings.”

The biscuit taco is an attempt to offer something fresh and different and paint McDonald’s breakfast offerings as staid, USA Today reports. Just like the waffle taco promotion last year, the chain sees the new sandwich as a way of establishing Taco Bell as a place to go in the morning. As Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol told the newspaper, “We have to train people that we’re now open for breakfast.”

The newspaper reports that Taco Bell also plans to test a taco shell made out of Fritos and hopes it will be the next Doritos Locos Taco.

(h/t USA Today)

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Watch Tom Hanks and James Corden Act Out All of His Movies in Six Minutes

The new Late Late Show host made viral magic with his first guest

On the first episode of the Late Late Show with James Corden Monday night, Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks acted out the movies he is best known for, with the help of the late-night host. The duo started off the sketch with Forrest Gump and ended it nearly seven minutes later singing Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from the Toy Story movie series. Other highlights include seeing the two recreate the rap scene from Big and watching James Corden pretend to be the Mona Lisa in their spoof of The Da Vinci Code.

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