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Anna Wintour Did the Ice Bucket Challenge Because Getting Drenched in Water Is The Latest Fashion

No word on whether this new look will make the September issue.

Vogue editor Anna Wintour has done the ice bucket challenge — a Facebook trend in which people post videos of themselves getting doused with ice water, then nominate others to do it or donate $100 to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research. Nominated by her daughter Bee Shaffer, Wintour has challenged tennis champion Roger Federer and English actor Dominic West to do it next.

The fundraising campaign has raised more than $15 million.

No word on whether this new look will be featured in the September issue.

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Jennifer Garner Dumps Ben Affleck for ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

He's making a donation too

In a Facebook video uploaded Monday, Jennifer Garner got to dump a bucket of ice water over her husband Ben Affleck, after Tyler Perry challenged the Oscar-winning actor to participate in the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” That’s the Facebook trend in which people post videos of themselves getting doused with ice water, then nominate others to do the same within 24 hours or donate $100 to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) research.

Standing poolside, Ben Affleck said he would also be making a donation to the ALS Association. He nominated Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Damon and “my wife,” who he introduced as “the lady with the bucket” and then dragged her into the pool.

The Ice Bucket Challenge trend has raised approximately $15.6 million for ALS research so far this year.

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Robin Williams Recorded This Video Message for a Terminally Ill Fan Before He Died

He was helping a 21-year-old mom with cancer finish her bucket list


Robin Williams recorded a video message a few months before he died to cheer up a terminally-ill fan, New Zealand’s Sunday-Star Times reports.

Vivian Waller, 21, who is living with cancer in an Auckland hospice, drew up a bucket list in January that included getting married, seeing her daughter turn one, and meeting Robin Williams, the beloved actor who took his own life on Aug. 11.

While the first two items have been completed, she has been too sick to travel to the U.S. to meet the star, so he emailed her this approximately 30-second clip instead.

“Hey girl, what’s going on down there in New Zealand? Sending all my love to you,” Williams says in the video. “Mark this off your bucket list.”

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Kevin Spacey Prank Calls Hillary Clinton in House of Cards Parody

To talk about the former president's 68th birthday present


In this video released by The Clinton Foundation, House of Cards star actor Kevin Spacey calls up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to see if he can figure out what she is getting her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, for his birthday.

He suggests an elephant because Hillary and their daughter Chelsea have been calling for increased efforts to curb elephant poaching for ivory in Africa.

“This is a very personal decision I will make when I’m ready,” she responds, which is what she says when she is asked whether she will run for the White House.

Then Spacey launches into a discussion of names for Chelsea’s baby like Frank, a reference to Frank Underwood, the conniving South Carolina Democrat he plays in the series, and Claire, his wife on the show who is played by Robin Wright.

Bill Clinton turns 68 on August 19.

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Grab The Nutella! Hazelnut Price Surge Could Raise Cost of Precious Spread

Deb Lindsey for The Washington Post – Getty Images

After frost damaged the hazelnut crop in Turkey, concerns that the price of the beloved spread could go up

First, the price of limes in the U.S. soared this spring due to bad weather and disease thwarting Mexico’s lime industry. Now Nutella may be facing a similar crisis.

Earlier this year, frost damaged the hazelnut crop in Turkey, which supplies around 70% of the world’s hazelnuts, “leaving buyers scrambling for supplies,” the Financial Times reports. Hazelnut prices have increased 60%, a 10-year high, raising fears that the price of Nutella could go up because its parent company, Italian chocolatier Ferrero, is the leading buyer of hazelnuts worldwide. (Each 13-ounce jar of the addictive cocoa spread contains 50 hazelnuts.)

Ferrero may have ensured its supply of the nuts by purchasing the Oltan Group, Turkey’s top procurer and processor of hazelnuts, according to Businessweek. The Guardian argues that the price surge could also affect Cadbury, which makes a milk-chocolate candy bar with whole hazelnuts.

Nutella is so tasty that it wouldn’t hurt to stock up while it’s still affordable. Who knows whether college students will start stealing it again! But if the price does actually go up, you may want to consult NewsFeed’s ranking of Nutella alternatives.

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This Teen Lived in a Fort in a Walmart for 2 Days

He even had his own fish from the pet department

A 14-year-old boy managed to camp out in a fort he built at a Walmart southeast of Dallas for two-and-a-half days until he was caught.

CBS 11 News reports that photos show he staked out spots in the Corsicana store behind the aisles for baby and paper products – and appears to have snagged beverages through a crack he created in the drink aisle. He also seemed to change clothes to avoid being noticed, and even acquired a fish from the pet department.

The teen was ultimately spotted when his garbage led to the compound’s discovery.

Police said the teen had been staying with his aunt while his parents were out of town, and that his mother admits he had run away before, finding shelter in abandoned houses and creeks, according to CBS 11 News.

[CBS 11 News]

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Chris Christie Did the Ice Bucket Challenge And Here’s Video Proof

He nominates Jimmy Fallon, Mark Zuckerberg, and Cory Booker to take the plunge next

Chris Christie, New Jersey’s governor and potential 2016 Republican presidential candidate, became the latest high-profile figure to participate in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” Tuesday evening. That’s the Facebook trend in which people post videos of themselves getting doused with ice water, then nominate others to do the same within 24 hours or donate $100 to ALS research.

In the video posted to Christie’s Facebook page, he’s seen grinning as two of his children, Patrick and Bridget, do the honors. He nominated New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D), Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon to complete the challenge next.

Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Senator Robert Kennedy, nominated President Barack Obama to do the challenge, but a White House spokesperson said he will just give money. Other influencers who have completed the challenge include Martha Stewart, Matt Lauer and Lance Bass.

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Chinese Panda Brings to Bear Rare Batch of Triplets

Three of a kind


A rare batch of panda triplets was recently born at China’s Chimelong Safari Park in Guangzhou, the Associated Press reports.

Their mother, Ju Xiao, was impregnated with sperm from a panda at a Guangzhou zoo in March, and she gave birth to the cubs on July 29. China made the announcement this week after it was certain that the cubs had survived, according to the AP via China News Service.

The AP also reports that the triplets, which reportedly weigh between 8-12 ounces, mark the fourth panda triplet born via an artificial breeding program. It is unclear how many of those triplet groups have survived, however.

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Twitter Users Mistakenly Mourn Death of Robbie Williams

Some seem to have mixed up the comedic actor with the British singer

Some people on Twitter appear to mistakenly believe that the British singer Robbie Williams has died instead of Robin Williams, the 63-year-old comedic actor who passed away Monday.

The hashtag #RIPRobbieWilliams suggests plenty of people are either getting their celebrities mixed up, or using a confusing diminutive when paying tribute to the late actor:

Robbie Williams – who is apparently alive and well – recently started a live tour called “Swings Both Ways,” which has performances coming up next month in Australia.

(h/t The Daily Mail)

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BBC Aired Robin Williams Family Guy Episode as News Broke of His Death

Public broadcaster said the scheduling of the episode, which features a suicide attempt, was an "uncanny coincidence"

A British TV channel aired a Robin Williams-themed episode of Family Guy Monday night that features a suicide attempt, just as news broke of the 63-year-old comedian’s apparent suicide, Yahoo UK reports.

In the “Viewer Mail #2″ (season 10, episode 22), shown on BBC 3 Monday night, Peter Griffin is outraged by a roast of Robin Williams on TV that he thinks is too mean. After declaring, “I wish everyone was Robin Williams,” he gets struck by lightning and then wakes up from a coma with the power to turn everyone he touches into Robin Williams.

But he becomes overwhelmed by the number of Robin Williamses in the world and tries to kill himself by jumping off a cliff, landing on Mrs. Doubtfire. One of the next scenes shows Peter Griffin with his hands cut off, his way of finally trying to get rid of the superpower.

Twitter and Reddit users balked at the airing of the show on the same evening as Williams’ death was announced:

But the BBC said the show’s airing had not been intentional. “It was scheduled more than two weeks ago so it is just an uncanny coincidence,” a BBC spokesperson told Yahoo UK.

The episode, which had aired on the channel more than once in the past, will not be shown for a second time on Friday as was initially planned.

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