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Watch a Pug’s Emotional Reunion With Her Owner

Pawsitively adorable

The police department for Essex County in England has released heartwarming video of a pug reuniting with its owner after it went missing and was believed to be stolen. Burglary investigations in the Harlow area resulted in three arrests, but a woman suspected of stealing the pug was released without charge because “there was insufficient evidence to proceed,” according to a statement by the Essex Police statement.

When a cop walked the pug named Lola on a leash toward her owner Kate Witham, the dog could not wait to jump up into her arms and lick her face — a happy ending to a stressful ordeal.



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Watch These Kids Try Dark Chocolate for the First Time

See their bitter, sweet expressions

If you were not craving chocolate before reading this post, then make sure there is some nearby.

A new ad for Elite’s Splendid Chocolate, a brand from Israel, claims to show little boys and girls trying dark chocolate for the first time. Judging by their faces, it is much too bitter for them, a far cry from the chocolate they’re used to. But the whole point, of course, is to show that some day, they will grow up to love it.

Now kids, if someone gives you a piece of chocolate or anything else that you do not like, then note the proper way to respond:


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Watch How Many Pop Songs This Couple Packed Into Their Epic Wedding Music Video

When 250 wedding guests try to produce a music video at the reception, something odd is bound to happen!

Hoping to make the wedding video to end all wedding videos, 250 guests made a music video that is basically a tribute to pop songs that have become memes, such as Psy’s “Gangnam Style,” Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen. Yet the most unique part of the video happens early on, when a guy wearing fake buttocks shakes them as the bride and groom, Robert and Teresa Ly, dance to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda.”

The couple, who own a sushi restaurant in Orlando, Florida, does not seem to do anything lightly: a YouTube video of Robert’s proposal to Teresa shows him and several other guys taking off their clothes and revealing superhero costumes underneath. It seems a safe bet that they’ll be that couple that has a music video up their sleeve for every milestone in life.



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Hugh Jackman Knew Exactly How to Surprise a Sick Young Fan


In a special visit organized by the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a nine-year-old Australian boy with cystic fibrosis named Dominic got to visit the KISS 1065 radio studio, call up his idol, Wolverine star Hugh Jackman, and ask him what his favorite Wolverine pose is. He never expected the actor to show up and do it for him in person, which is exactly what Jackman did. The Australian actor gave the youngster a big hug and then asked the little one to do his best Wolverine impression. And in a span of about two minutes, the fictional superhero did not seem so fictional anymore.

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This Marriage Proposal Went Completely, Horribly Wrong

Getty Images

But there's a beautiful happy ending

In what appears to be every boyfriend’s worst nightmare, a man got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend on a deck outside a waterfront restaurant in Southport, North Carolina, when he dropped the ring through the cracks into the ocean.

WBTV.com reports 25-year-old Matthew Picca jumped in, along with 24-year-old girlfriend Kayla Harrity’s brother-in-law and sister and some patrons of the restaurant, Old American Fish. Picca even ruined his phone during the desperate search.

But, Harrity said, “[a]fter ten flashlights, and five pairs of goggles and over 1.5 hours of searching in the water…the ring was found!” Picca got to propose all over again, and Harrity said yes, so the incident is just water under the bridge now.

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17 of the Strangest Guinness World Records of All Time

Nigel Roddis—Reuters Grower Pete Glazebrook poses for photographers with his onion weighing 17lb 15.5oz at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in Harrogate, northern England September 16, 2011.

As Guinness World Records celebrates its 60th anniversary, take a look back at decades of weird feats

After decades in the business, Guinness World Records knows weird.

The organization, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary Thursday, has made its name designating some of the oddest and most bizarre records possible. Out of the approximately 50,000 applications it receives annually from 174 countries, 6,000 get approved. Though its annual compilation of current records comes out Sept. 10, TIME takes a look back at some of the most unusual world records that have been achieved throughout the years.

1978: Wrestlers Billy and Benny McCrary are dubbed the world’s heaviest twins at 743 pounds and 723 pounds, respectively.

1988: Blackie becomes the wealthiest cat when its owner dies and leaves it $12.5 million.

1992: Bryan Berg set the record for the largest house of cards at 75 storeys in Spirit Lake, Iowa.

1994: Daniel Bent set the record for fastest ever time in the bog-snorkeling triathlon in 2 hours, 23 minutes, 24 seconds at the World Bog Snorkeling Championships.

1998: Suresh Joachim of Sri Lanka takes the longest escalator ride, which was 140 miles long, at the Westfield Shopping Centre in Burwood, New South Wales, Australia.

1999: Gary Bashaw, Jr., set the record for most milkshake dispensed through the nose when 1.82 oz. of milk and chocolate powder came out of his nose on the set of a Guinness World Records TV program in Los Angeles, California.

2000: Ann Atkins set the record for the largest collection of garden gnomes with 2,010.

2001: Smudge, a parrot, set a record for most keys removed from a keyring by a parrot by slipping off 10 in under two minutes. In 2009, he got all the way up to 22.

2004: Chad Fell blew the largest bubblegum bubble at 20 in. at the Double Springs High School in Winston County, Alabama.

2008: Kevin Shelley set the record for most toilet seats broken by one’s head in one minute by shattering 46 in Cologne, Germany.

2009: Melvin Boothe had the longest finger nails on a pair of male hands ever at 32 ft. 3.8 inches when they were measured in Troy, Michigan.

2011: Pete Glazebrook shows off the world’s heaviest onion, weighing 17 pounds, 15.5 ounces at the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in Harrogate, northern England.

2012: Val Kolpakov of Alpharetta, Georgia, has been recognized for the largest collection of toothpaste tubes at 2,037.

2013: Hip-hop artist Big Freedia set a record for most people twerking simultaneously when she led 358 dancers for two minutes straight in New York City’s Times Square.

2014: Ranmaru, an Australian Labradoodle, boasts the longest eyelashes on a dog at 6.69 in.

2015: 12,975 dancers set a record for the world’s largest Zumba class in Mandaluyong, a city just outside the Philippine capital, Manila.

Date N/A: Micronecta scholtz, a type of aquatic freshwater insect, has been recognized for having the loudest penis at 99.2 decibels, described as “equivalent to sitting in the front row listening to a loud orchestra playing.”

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Watch Miley Cyrus Go Undercover to Ask Strangers What They Think of Miley Cyrus

She manages to keep her cool

On Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, pop star Miley Cyrus donned a brunette wig, glasses, a gray pant suit and pretended to be an Australian TV journalist asking people on the street what they thought of Miley Cyrus hosting the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

A man wearing a cowboy hat and a white tank told the singer he thinks she’s “missing something” in her life and acts out because she is “starving for attention.” Another man in a brown shirt says he prefers Taylor Swift.


The MTV Video Music Awards air at 9:00 p.m. on August 30.

Watch the full clip below:

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These Are the Most Popular Schools on Tinder

The dating app says its inaugural list shows which schools have "the most desirable student body"

As if college admissions was not competitive enough already, a new list released Wednesday by the dating app Tinder attempts to rank schools based on the attractiveness of their students. In a blog post, the company wrote, “Data is based on the ratio of right swipes received by students attending each university, ages 18-23 in the spring of 2015.” (Users swipe right on their smartphone screens when they like a person’s profile.)

College students have been using the app to meet students at other nearby universities or people that they might not have overlapped with in classes and clubs yet. Or, to find the free food.

Below is the full list from Tinder:

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Watch a Magician Propose to His Girlfriend With a Magic Trick

The magical moment involved a can of alphabet soup

A London magician had an especially romantic trick up his sleeve on stage at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

After appearing to swallow a piece of string and a wine glass full of alphabet soup, Neil Henry, 37, proposed to his girlfriend Charlie Gardner, 23, by pulling a string out of his mouth with letters that spelled out “MARRY ME.” Then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring. Fortunately she was not overcome with alphabet soup, and she blurted out ‘yes’ repeatedly.

The couple told the Scottish Daily Record that they have been going to the arts festival every year since they first met at the event in 2013, but Gardner claims she never thought an on-stage proposal would be in the cards. As she told the news outlet, “At first I thought he was going to spell out Marmite with the letters.”

(h/t Uproxx)

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