This Giant Oreo Has 8,475 Grams of Fat, But Go Ahead and Treat Yourself

Aug 12, 2014

You know how it's really hard to eat just one Oreo? Well, here's a handy little loophole: just eat one really, really ridiculously huge Oreo! The guys of Epic Meal Time created this monstrosity -- which they've dubbed the Mega Oreo or the Megoreo --from scratch, and the end result boasted 146,800 calories and 8,475 grams of fat. Be sure to take note when they place a normal Oreo beside it as a reference.

The funny thing is that in the meantime, Oreo itself is actually sending mini Oreos to 50 of the smallest towns in the U.S. They're cute, sure, but not as mouthwatering as the behemoth that is the Megoreo.

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