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Here’s How to Make McDonald’s French Fries at Home

This recipe explains how to make those delicious, crispy fries without ingredients like citric acid

A few months ago, McDonald’s shared an inside look at how the chain makes its signature french fries. Now, thanks to this handy tutorial from PopSugar, you can make your own copycat snack at home.

It’s certainly a much more labor-intensive process than simply walking to the nearest McDonald’s location and buying some — but this way, you can make them without chemical additives like citric acid and sodium acid pyrophosphate. According to another McDonald’s video released earlier this year, the recipe contains 19 ingredients, but to make this at-home version, you just need potatoes, corn syrup, peanut oil, beef lard, water and salt. Oh, a decent knife will help too.

Watch the video tutorial above, and check out the full recipe here.

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This Teacher Will Cancel Final Exams If Taylor Swift Calls Him

onstage during the 50th Academy Of Country Music Awards at AT&T Stadium on April 19, 2015 in Arlington, Texas.
Mike Windle—ACM2015/Getty Images Taylor Swift onstage during the 50th Academy Of Country Music Awards at AT&T Stadium on April 19, 2015 in Arlington, Texas.

Your move, Tay

Students at Skyview High School in Billings, Montana, might get out of their world history finals this year — if they can somehow get Taylor Swift to call their teacher.

A student named Ike Stoner came up with the deal — and the instructor, Colter Pierce, agreed to it. If Stoner could use the Internet to get Swift to give Pierce a call, then the students would be exempt from their exams, KTVQ reports.

“Pretty much all semester, I’ve been talking about Taylor Swift,” Pierce said when asked why the “Shake It Off” singer was the celebrity chosen for this contract. Stoner admitted that the deal started out as “kind of a joke,” but as it has gained more and more likes and shares on Twitter and Facebook, that phone call seems possible.

Stoner has been circulating a picture of the contract — which was drawn up and signed on the classroom whiteboard — along with a photo of himself and Pierce shaking hands to seal the deal:

So far, Swift hasn’t acknowledged the stunt — but she’s got plenty of time until finals begin. Your move, Tay.

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Here’s Proof That Beyoncé Always Dances On Beat

A new meme sets her dance moves to songs from every genre

Beyoncé is known for her killer dance moves — but we usually only see her dancing to her own songs. A new meme, however, proves that Queen Bey’s dance moves are always on point no matter what song is playing.

The hashtag #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat has been picking up steam over the past few days, showcasing Bey’s incredible versatility. Attached to this hashtag are clips of her dancing set to songs of all genres.

Here are some of our favorites:

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Watch Jimmy Fallon and The Rock Give the Worst Graduation Speech of All Time

They play two high school students with the lowest GPAs, in 1989

Just in time for graduation season, Jimmy Fallon decided to spoof the typical commencement address with the help of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. On Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show, they performed as two high school students graduating in 1989 (after eight years in school.)

They ramble idiotically for several minutes and offer absolutely no helpful advice to their fellow graduates. Fallon does basically come up with the idea for Facebook — though the pair immediately dismisses it as a “big sack of never gonna happen.”

The speech may not offer any pearls of wisdom, but we appreciate it for the opportunity to watch Jimmy Fallon and The Rock act like total morons for five minutes.

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Here’s the Vintage Jazz Version of ‘Lovefool’ You Had No Idea You Needed

It's actually quite great

The ’90s pop tune “Lovefool” is likely to get stuck in your head at really random times because it’s so damn catchy — but this vintage jazz cover might actually be better. It comes to us from Postmodern Jukebox, who recently gave us a Grease-style makeover of a Taylor Swift tune and a 1920s jazz rendition of a Coolio song.

This retro spin on “Lovefool” features vocalist Haley Reinhart accompanied by a full band, including a harp, trumpet, sax and trombone. The original version by the Cardigans is a 1990s staple — but this version really sounds like it could have been a 1940s classic.

Oh, and yeah: now “Lovefool” will be in your head for the rest of the week. Sorry.

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Treat Yourself to This Video of a Piglet Playing With a Cat

You deserve this

#tbt to bitty Pearl and Elsa at play!! @pearlspigtales

A video posted by Lindsey Bonnice (@livesweetphotography) on

If you’re having a rough day — or if you’re having a good day and want to make it even better — we recommend taking 15 seconds to view this video of a tiny piglet named Pearl playing with a cat named Elsa.

This little gem of a video comes from Lindsey Bonnice of Live Sweet Photography. She also recently shared a video of some insanely cute baby goats headbutting one another, so enjoy that.

Oh, and if you want to see more Pearl, she’s got her own separate Instagram.

(h/t Buzzfeed)

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Allow a Hilarious, Drunken Chris Pratt to Offer You Some Completely Useless Acting Tips

Warning: you'll be drunk off Chris Pratt's handsomeness after watching this video

Well, we totally called it: now that Chris Pratt is gearing up to promote his upcoming film Jurassic World, he’s doing bunch of weird and charming things. Like making this video for GQ, in which he gets drunk and then offers some top-notch acting advice.

Pratt explains how to act in just about every scenario: when you’re in a Jamba Juice and you see a T-Rex, when you’re in the desert and you see a snake, and when you get pulled over and you have weed in your glove compartment.

“This has been acting with Chris Pratt,” he concludes. “I hope it helps. I’m guessing it won’t. Just work out a lot and use sunscreen and roll the dice, man.”

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Enjoy This Glorious A Cappella Medley of the Various Boy Meets World Theme Songs

Sweet, sweet musical nostalgia

If you’ve already seen Pitch Perfect 2 and need some more aca-entertainment (meh) in your life, check out this glorious a cappella tribute to the beloved 1990s sitcom Boy Meets World.

Sketch comedy group The Warp Zone created this video, which features the various iterations of the Boy Meets World theme music, all done a cappella. Allow their sweet musical stylings to take you back to a simpler time, when interpersonal conflicts were always resolved in 22 minutes and everybody dumped water on each other’s heads, just for fun, long before the Ice Bucket Challenge was a thing.

If you’re thirsty for more, they’ve got a Fresh Prince version too.

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Watch This Paddleboarder’s Extremely Close Encounter With an Orca

"He slowly crept up and grabbed the back of my board"

A New Zealand restaurant owner named Luke Reilly was doing some relaxing stand-up paddleboarding when an orca whale popped up out of nowhere. Naturally, things got a little less chill.

“He popped up about 10cm away from the back of my board,” Reilly told 3NEWS. “I was a bit nervous thinking, ‘what’s this guy going to do?'”

Reilly happened to have his GoPro with him, so he managed to film the encounter. He admits he was a “bit freaked out” while it was happening, but ultimately figured the animal was just curious.

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This Woman Missed Graduation to Give Birth, So the College Brought Graduation to Her

Baby Milo arrived two weeks early

Juliet Smith was set to graduate from Guilford College this past Saturday when she got a bit of a surprise the night before: she went into labor.

Smith was out to dinner with her family Friday night, all set to arrive at her commencement at 7:30 the following morning when her water broke, ABC News reports. A few minutes before midnight, she gave birth to her son, Milo, two weeks before her June 9 due date.

Smith was obviously overjoyed about her new son, but was also quite disappointed about missing graduation after working so hard to earn her degree.

“I was so mad at him,” Smith said in a release. “And then I was upset with myself, because I didn’t want my first feeling toward my first son to be anger, but I’d been so excited to be a part of commencement for so long.”

Shortly after the official commencement, a group of teachers, deans and other faculty members arrived at the hospital to conduct a special ceremony for Smith. One professor even brought a tuba and played “Pomp and Circumstance.” He also played “Happy Birthday” to the newborn, because let’s not forget that there was a baby involved in all of this.

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