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This Army of Inflatable Ducks Screaming in Unison Will Haunt Your Dreams

If you want to hear a sound that’s annoying, terrifying and, somehow, totally captivating at the same time, check out this video that started going viral over the weekend. It features a single hand reaching into a large container full of inflatable squeaky ducks, prompting them all to scream in unison. It’s rather hellish.

A version of the video was uploaded to Vine, where it has been looped more than 36 million times. However, as Mashable points out, an Instagram user named Kevin Synnes claims to be the original creator. Behold his video, uploaded on Aug. 29:

Naturally, this has already become a meme, and people have been having a lot of fun interpreting it:

Good luck trying to sleep tonight.

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Here’s the Trailer for the 6th and Final Season of Downton Abbey

The drama will air in the U.K. on Sep. 20 at 9 p.m

ITV has released a trailer for the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey. The network has also confirmed that the drama will air in the U.K. on Sep. 20 at 9 p.m., Deadline reports.

The trailer, which you can watch above, offers a brief glimpse into the farewell season. There aren’t too many details yet, but we do know the show will pick up in 1925, about six months after it left off.

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Uber Hires Hackers to Secure Its Vehicles

They'll work in the company's self-driving car and robotics research lab

Remember those hackers who remotely took over a Jeep Cherokee from miles away last month? Uber just hired them.

Computer security engineers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek will work in Uber’s Pittsburgh offices, home to the company’s self-driving car and robotics research lab, the New York Times reports. They’ll work with Joe Sullivan, Uber’s chief security officer, and John Flynn, chief information security officer. Together, they’ll work toward “building out a world-class safety and security program at Uber.”

Miller, who previously worked as a security researched at Twitter, confirmed the move in a tweet, announcing that he’d start Tuesday:

“I’ve been in security for more than 10 years, and I’ve worked on computers and phones,” Miller told the New York Times last month. “This time, I wanted to do something that my grandmother would understand. If I tell her, ‘I can hack into your car,’ she understands what that means.”

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Watch Sarah Palin Interview Donald Trump

"Everything about Donald Trump's campaign is avant garde. He is crushing it in the polls."

On Friday night, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin chatted with current GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“If you look at what’s happening with this country, it’s so sad,” Trump told Palin on the show “On Point With Sarah Palin” on One America News Network. “You’ve pointed it out for years.” He added: “I have to tell you, you’re a terrific person.”

Palin returned the compliments, saying, “Everything about Donald Trump’s campaign, it’s avant-garde, and he’s crushing it in the polls.”

Watch the full interview above.

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This Couple Just Made the Wedding Entrance to End All Wedding Entrances

How? By riding in on unicorn jet skis, obviously

Most couples want to arrive at their wedding reception in style, but few make as big a splash as newlyweds Michael Buchanan and Jason Gilbert did at their recent wedding along Michigan’s Lake Allegan.

Buchanan, a Broadway actor, and his partner, Gilbert, greeted their 8o guests by arriving on a set of unicorn jet skis, Logo TV reports. Behold, their grand entrance:

“The entrance was actually the brainchild of my friend,” Buchanan told BuzzFeed. “He thought, ‘big gay wedding?’ We should decorate the jet skis as unicorns. We found inflatable unicorn busts online and voilà.”

Here’s a closer look at the end result:

“Once we all realized that they were riding in on unicorn jet skis, I am pretty sure there was a collective jaw drop,” executive director of Marriage Equality USA Brian Silva, who was in attendance, told LOGO TV. “Followed by laughter, applause and a chorus of folks screaming, ‘YAAAAAS!'”

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Treat Yourself to This Video of Kittens Fighting in a Tiny Boxing Ring

Happy Caturday!

The only thing cuter than a kitten is two kittens, and the only thing cuter than two kittens is two kittens duking it out in a tiny boxing ring. Thus, we recommend taking one minute to view the above video, which features just that. Trust us.

The video was uploaded to the America’s Funniest Home Videos YouTube channel Saturday, but it’s already been on Facebook for a few days, where it has racked up nearly 3 million views.

Now, we just have to wait until cat wrestling becomes an officially recognized sport.

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Watch This Toddler’s Rousing Performance of a Classic Les Miserables Song

He knows (almost) every word to "Do You Hear the People Sing?"

It’s never too early to start getting into Broadway musicals, as we’ve learned from this toddler named Koen.

Watch this three-year-old musical aficionado deliver a passionate rendition of “Do You Hear the People Sing?” from Les Miserables. He does this while standing atop a piano bench and appears to have a broken arm, but that doesn’t stop him from giving it his all. In fact, it’s quite possible the pain is exactly what fueled such an intense performance.

Koen may not know every word, but he comes quite close. Plus, it’s really his commitment to the craft that matters most here.

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New York Jets Quarterback Apologizes for Liking Domino’s Pizza

Pizza Boxes
Getty Images

He was shamed by the New York pizza community

Did you know you can order a Domino’s pizza simply by tweeting the pizza emoji? Well, the New York Jets’ rookie quarterback Bryce Petty recently found out about this and shared his excitement on Twitter.

What Petty didn’t realize is that he’d really, really upset Jets fans, most of whom live in the New York and New Jersey areas and take pizza very seriously.

Naturally, fans began to publicly shame him:

Once Petty realized how much damage he’d done, he crafted an apology:

In the end, though, Petty realized that the controversy could have been worse:

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This Nike Korea Ad Will Inspire You to Silence the Haters, Pursue Athletic Glory

Warning: This ad might inspire you to get off your couch

Nike Korea’s latest advertisement encourages you to follow the company’s slogan and “just do it” — no matter what the haters say.

The spot features retired Korean soccer star Lee Young-pyo, who plays multiple characters, all of whom essentially tell young athletes to give up on their dreams. He’s the umpire who says, “This is a waste of time,” the onlooker who says, “This won’t help you” and the coach who says, “Learn your limits.”

But this is a Nike commercial, so do the young athletes give up? Obviously not. They roll up their sleeves, lace up their shoes and work harder so they can silence the naysayers.

Warning: if you’re watching this from your couch, it might inspire you to get up and go for a run or something. Maybe.

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Ronda Rousey Somehow Makes This Gluttonous Breakfast Sandwich Look Healthy

The UFC Champion appears in a new Carl's Jr. ad

Ronda Rousey is an undefeated mixed martial artist, actress, model and now, apparently, a Carl’s Jr. spokesperson. The burger chain just released an ad which features Rousey chowing down on its latest menu item: the Cinnamon Swirl French Toast Breakfast Sandwich. (Carl’s Jr., it should be noted, has long been criticized for sexist advertisements.)

Somehow, Rousey makes this sandwich — which features sausage, egg, cheese and syrup wedged between two slices of French toast — look kind of healthy. The ad alternates between footage of Rousey chowing down on the sandwich and footage of her pummeling opponents in the ring.

Clearly, this is a ploy to make us think the sandwich is packed with nutrients that could give us Ronda Rousey levels of energy, strength and power. And clearly, this ploy totally works.

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