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This Honest Trailer for Magic Mike Reminds You That There Was Actually a Plot

And that the whole thing was a lot less sexy than we thought it would be

“If you love strippers but wish you could see all the mundane details of their daily lives,” the voice-over for this Magic Mike spoof trailer says, “prepare to watch a lot of that, you weirdo.”

It’s the latest “honest trailer” from the YouTube channel Screen Junkies, which recently brought us teasers for Toy Story and Cinderella. Just in time for the sequel, Magic Mike XXL, we are invited to take a look back at the film that started it all.

The trailer points out that it’s really just “two un-sexy hours full of thong purchasing, crumpled bill straightening, loan applying, furniture evaluating, bookkeeping and talking about the stock market.” Then, it invites us to “get swept away by the film’s fantasy romance that would have you believe Mike would ditch a life of casual threesomes with Olivia Munn to pursue a sourpuss who can’t laugh like a human being.”

This is all pretty spot-on — but obviously not going to stop us from seeing Magic Mike XXL.

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Chris Pratt Just Found the Cutest Jurassic World Fan of All

Chris Pratt as Owen in "Jurassic World."
Universal Pictures Chris Pratt as Owen in "Jurassic World."

This kid totally nailed the raptor meme

People around the world have been recreating a key scene from Jurassic World in which Chris Pratt asserts his authority over a pack of raptors.

This has turned into a meme so popular that even the Smithsonian has gotten in on it. Oh, and Pratt himself recreated the scene at a children’s hospital, because he’s a perfect human.

But now, the Parks and Recreation star has found the best version of all, featuring a baby and some toy dinosaurs. “Thank you to the parents of this little one,” Pratt wrote. “You’ve made my day. Oh man! I’m crying laughing.”

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Here Are 21 Ways You Could Spend Your Precious Leap Second

Getty Images

We get an extra second added to our clocks on June 30. Let's make the most of it

Tuesday, June 30th, will be one second longer than a regular day. The so-called “leap second” is periodically added to our clocks to account for the gradual slowing of the Earth’s rotation, according to NASA. From 1972 to 1999, leap seconds were added about once a year, but they’ve become less frequent since then.

One second may seem like a pretty negligible addition to your Tuesday, but we disagree. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of this precious extra moment, which will be added just before 8 p.m. Eastern time. (The leap second could potentially cause some major headaches for the Internet — so that’s all the more reason to make sure you enjoy it while you can.)

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what to do with your precious extra second, but here are our suggestions:

  1. Pat a dog on the head (or three times if you have a quick hand).
  2. Burn a calorie.
  3. Put down the toilet seat. (But you should be doing this all the time, guys.)
  4. “Like” something new on Facebook. (We suggest TIME or Channing Tatum or Doug the Pug.)
  5. Watch one second of the show you’ve been meaning to watch (we’re looking at you, The Wire) so you can say you finally started.
  6. Watch one sixth of your favorite Vine. (Allow us to recommend this.)
  7. Take a sip of water. Hydration is important!
  8. Go for an extra swipe on Tinder. Make it a right swipe. Give him a chance! He’s probably really well-read.
  9. Take a shot.
  10. Take a break. You deserve it.
  11. Make a weird noise. Whatever you feel in your heart. Just let it out. It will be cathartic.
  12. Turn off the lights, you energy hog.
  13. Click something. Anything. Just click. Please?
  14. Think about Channing Tatum real quick.
  15. Pick “attending” or “not attending” on that last Facebook event you were invited to and stop being such a noncommittal flake of a Millennial.
  16. Look at this picture of a chubby corgi/Pomeranian mix for one second. LOOK AT IT.
  17. Sing your favorite word of “Bohemian Rhapsody.”
  18. Bother a cat.
  19. Think about giving to charity. You’re a saint!
  20. High-five a stranger.
  21. Smile! You live in the same world as Beyoncé.


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Watch Chris Pratt’s Perfect Jason Statham Impression in This Cut SNL Sketch

He's here to try and sell us "Jason Steakums"

When Chris Pratt hosted Saturday Night Live back in September, he recorded a sketch in which he played action movie start Jason Statham. Sadly, that sketch was cut for time but SNL decided to release it now for some reason. We’re not complaining.

The Jurassic World star shows off his pitch-perfect impression of Statham by selling a product called “Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums.” (Kind of like “Jon Hamm’s Jon Ham — but obviously not as good.)

The best part of the sketch is Pratt’s husky British accent and how he keeps stumbling over the words “Jason Statham’s Jason Steakums,” but otherwise, the sketch doesn’t really go anywhere. Totally worth a watch, though, just to see Pratt, who’s clearly enjoying this very much.

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Watch This Super Lucky Dog Play in a Surprise Ball Pit

He has pretty much the best owners ever

Maymo the beagle just got the treat of a lifetime: a DIY ball pit right in his living room. His owners simply pushed some couches and tables together and then dumped dozens of brightly colored plastic balls onto a rug. Then they hung back and let Maymo have at it.

Note: Maymo’s people call this the “best dog birthday surprise.” However: they uploaded this video on June 28, but on their YouTube page, they list his birthday as Jan. 15. Something feels off about that, right? Maybe they made this ball pit for Maymo just because and now they’re suggesting other people do it specifically for their dog’s birthday.

Either way, Maymo does not love his ball pit nearly as much as Grover the pug loved his.

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Hilarious Dad Shows How to Hold a Baby in 17 Creative Ways

He names every move, from the "Double Baby Jesus" to the "Bird on a Wire"

Unsure how to properly hold a baby? Don’t worry, because this father and expert baby-holder is here to help. Jordan Watson of New Zealand demonstrates 17 different ways to hold a baby — and he offers a clever name for each one.

Watson starts simple with the “Standard Shoulder Hold,” which can easily become the “Need to Pick Something Up Chin Standard Shoulder Hold.” He eventually shows off some more complicated moves like the “Dance Partner” and the “Show Off to Other Kids Fish.”

And don’t worry: Watson notes that no babies were harmed in the making of this video.

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Watch an NYPD Officer Dance With a Gay Pride Parade Marcher

A beautiful, beautiful moment

Most New York City police officers remained stoic at Sunday’s annual gay pride parade, but one officer went above the call of duty. Way above. The officer — whose identity is sadly unknown — joined in on the festivities by showing off some dirty dance moves. (You can enjoy a taste of said moves in the video above.)

Paige Ponzeka, a member of an LGBT softball league, posted the clip to YouTube after the parade. One of Ponzeka’s fellow marchers, Aaron Santis, told BuzzFeed that he’d been trying (and failing) to get cops to dance with him all day. Finally, his plan worked.

“I didn’t expect him to get into it as much as he did,” Santis said. “The crowd just loved it and I think it made him want to dance more.” He added: “It was such a fun moment. He was such a good sport and I’m so glad he decided to dance.”

This certainly gives new meaning to the old NYPD nickname “New York’s Finest.”

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Watch a Series of Uncomfortable Freudian Slips in June’s Best News Bloopers

Plus: lots of awkward silences and technical difficulties

If you want to brighten your day a little, take 10 minutes and watch this compilation of the funniest (and most uncomfortable) news bloopers from the past month.

You’ll see a variety of Freudian slips, unintentional double entendres and awkward pauses. And, as always, you’ll see plenty of technical difficulties and distracting videobombs.

Also, keep an eye out for Workaholics actor Blake Anderson, who went on a morning show to promote his new movie, Dope. Exhausted and bleary-eyed, he drops an f-bomb and then sort of apologizes it.


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Emma Watson Is the Newest Member of Taylor Swift’s Crew

They took a photo together after Swift's concert in London

Taylor Swift is known for her posse of high-profile, mostly female friends — and it looks like she just added another member to the crew. After performing in London’s Hyde Park Saturday night, Swift hung out with actress Emma Watson.

Swift and Watson — who we are just going to assume are total besties now — posed for a photo with a few of Swift’s other pals. Here they are with models Martha Hunt and Karlie Kloss and singers Sydney Sierota and Lauren Aquilina:

We already knew Swift was a big fan of Watson after she praised the actress’s speech about feminism. So really, it was only a matter of time until they became friends.

Oh, Tay also hung out with Gwyneth Paltrow in London, because why not?

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In Case You Were Wondering, This Is What a Deep-Fried Big Mac Looks Like

Delicious or repulsive? You be the judge

Didn’t think you could possibly make a McDonald’s Big Mac more unhealthy? Think again, friend-o, because you totally can.

All you have to do is coat it in Panko breadcrumbs, deep fry it, put it on a stick, and throw some Big Mac sauce on top, like the intrepid chef at Peep My Eats did. Behold:

Any Guesses On What I Deep Fried n Put on A Stick ? #PeepMyEatsOnAStick #BellyBonerOnAStick

A photo posted by Peep My Sneaks (@peepmysneaks) on

That’s the deep-fried burger, fully intact. Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

Some people think it looks horrifying, but others are totally into it. If you too are intrigued, check out the recipe. You’ll just need eggs, Panko breadcrumbs, toothpicks and, of course, one Big Mac.

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