Lake Michigan Is So Clear That You Can See Shipwrecks In These Photos

This shipwreck photo released by the U.S. Coast Guard was taken April 17, 2015, in northern Lake Michigan, near Leland, Mich., off the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.
Petty Officer Mitch Brown—AP This shipwreck photo released by the U.S. Coast Guard was taken April 17, 2015, in northern Lake Michigan, near Leland, Mich., off the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

See aerial images taken by the Coast Guard

Now that the ice on Lake Michigan’s surface has finally melted, the water is crystal clear — so clear you can see straight down to the bottom in some parts. During a recent routine patrol, a Coast Guard crew snapped some aerial photos of several shipwreck sites, like the particularly striking one above.

The U.S. Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City shared a few of the images on its Facebook page, asking people to post information if they recognized any of the sites. The photos were taken near Sleeping Bear Point, off the northwestern coast of Michigan.

According to the Coast Guard, the image above shows the wreckage of a 133-foot-long wooden steamer called Rising Sun, which went down in 1917.

Another photo shows the 121-foot brig James McBride, which ran aground during a storm in 1857:

Petty Officer Mitch Brown—APThis shipwreck photo released by the U.S. Coast Guard was taken April 17, 2015, in northern Lake Michigan, near Leland, Mich., off the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.


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Watch Kendrick Lamar Throw a Rather Impressive First Pitch

The rapper took the mound at Monday's Dodgers game

Remember 50 Cent’s notoriously awful first pitch at a Mets game last year? Well, Kendrick Lamar is the latest rapper to take the mound — this time at a Los Angeles Dodgers game — and he actually did pretty well.

Here’s Lamar’s ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium Monday night:

Here’s another view:

#KDot at the #DodgersStadium

A video posted by @0ohsiiighriss on

It’s a little low, sure, but we’re still quite impressed. Even the announcer said, “nice form, nice pitch.”

With a little training, Kendrick could totally become a professional pitcher if the whole rapping thing doesn’t work out.

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Watch Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Spacey Slowly Figure Out What ‘On Fleek’ Means

"Is that an ice skating term?"

On Monday night, Kevin Spacey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!, mostly just to chitchat and be handsome. He discussed his show House of Cards for a bit, and then, for some reason, the conversation turned to the phrase “on fleek.”

Kimmel revealed he felt old because he didn’t know what “on fleek” meant. (He really didn’t know, because he originally said “on THE fleek.”) When he asks Spacey about it, he responds, “Is that an ice skating term?”

They discuss some other ideas for what it could mean, until a few generous audience members politely inform them of its real meaning.



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Watch Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon Totally Butcher ‘Uptown Funk’ and ‘Stay With Me’

They also take on "Stay With Me" and "Since U Been Gone"

You know those people at karaoke who always seem to sing the wrong words, even when the lyrics are right there on the screen? Well, on Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt sang incorrect lyrics completely on purpose.

In the segment, appropriately titled “Nonsense Karaoke,” Pratt begins by singing his version of “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson. Then Fallon takes on “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith. Finally, they perform a duet of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.”

It’s all completely ridiculous, but you have to admire their commitment.

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Nicki Minaj Performed at a Very Lucky Kid’s Bar Mitzvah

She sang 'Super Bass' and also offered some life advice

Most Jewish kids see their Bar Mitzvahs as an opportunity to eat pigs in blankets, dance to “Build Me Up Buttercup” and hand out basketball shorts declaring “Ben’s Bar Mitzvah was a slam dunk!” But one lucky 13-year-old boy named Matt had a slightly different kind of Bar Mitzvah, because Nicki Minaj performed at his reception.

All we know is his name is Matt, and Nicki posted a photo with him on Instagram:

With my new boy toy at his Bar Mitzvah. Hi Matt! 😩😊 Mazel Tov! ❤️

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Sadly, video footage is scarce, but here’s a glimpse at Nicki performing “Super Bass.”

Nicki also set aside some time to offer life lessons to the blossoming young adults in attendance:

Now everybody else’s Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are going to seem just so mediocre compared to this.

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This Compilation of News Bloopers From the 80s and 90s Is Positively Absurd

And features so much big hair

If you need a little Monday pick-me-up, we recommend taking seven minutes and watching this ridiculous compilation of the best news bloopers from the 80s and 90s. The clips feature plenty of inappropriate laughing, technical difficulties and double entendres — but all with a retro flair.

Some of the bloopers are so ridiculous (and, warning, profanity-ridden) that you might wonder if they were staged. Either way, they’re all still hilarious. Enjoy.

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Watch Sesame Street’s Perfect Avengers Parody

The superheroes come together to save the world's vegetables

Just in time for the highly anticipated premiere of The Avengers: Age of Ultron this Friday, Sesame Street decided to spoof the movie. The parody is called The Aveggies: Age of Bon Bon and in it, a team of vegetable-themed superheroes ban together to battle a villain known as Bon Bon, who plans to destroy all the healthy foods in the world. Everything is going fine for Onion Man, Captain Americauliflower, Black Bean Widow, Mighty Corn and Zuchin-eye until Doctor Brownie (Cookie Monster) gets distracted by the edible costumes.

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The 10 Funniest Things Chris Pratt Said in His Reddit AMA

"Guardians Of The Galaxy" - Los Angeles Premiere
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin—FilmMagic/Getty Images

"I want to do an AMA and you can't stop me I'm Starlord!"

Soon it will be time for Chris Pratt to begin promoting Jurassic World, which really just means he’s about to do a bunch of charming and sweet and funny things like he did during Guardians of the Galaxy mania. First up? A Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A session, which he kicked off by revealing that he was “still half-drunk” after drinking a bunch of tequila on a plane.

Pratt said that once he decided he wanted to do an AMA, he called his publicist and said, “Hey, I know your job is to typically babysit me and make sure I don’t do anything too stupid or say anything to ruin my career, but, I want to do an AMA and you can’t stop me I’m Starlord!”

Naturally, Pratt’s Q&A session was filled with lots of other hilarious little gems, so we rounded up some the best lines.

1. Question: I was recently bitten by a radioactive Chris Pratt. What is about to happen to me?

Answer: Oh no. You’re probably gonna get fat and then skinny.

2. Question: Hey Chris, did Eminem ever give his thoughts on your awesome performance of “Forgot About Dre?”

Answer: No. But I met Dr. Dre last night!!!! Holy s–t bro! That was crazy. I wanna see that “Straight Outta Compton” movie so bad. Looks great.

3. Question: Hey Chris, what would Andy Dwyer/Johnny Karate/Bert Macklin be doing right now?

Answer: Here’s something you might not have known about those characters. They smoked a lot of weed. They’d probably be doing that right now.

4. Question: What’s your favourite dinosaur?

Answer: Not just saying this but probably the velociraptor. They are pack hunters and super cool. But also I love the Mosasaur. That’s the water dinosaur thing from the trailer that is SO F—ING BADASS! Funny story, before I got Jurassic Park I gave James Gunn a wrap gift of an authentic Mosasaur Jawbone Fossil. So basically I can control the future.

5. Question: Would you rather fight 1 Lil’ Sebastian-sized duck or 100 duck-sized Lil’ Sebastians?

Answer: Most definitely 100 duck sized Lil’ Sebastians. Because I could kill most of them easily, but the remainder I would capture and breed as glamour pets. We could make literally hundreds of dollars.

6. Question: If you could change a word from the title of any films or television show you’ve starred in, what would the new title be? Example, “Sharks and Rec”

Answer: Zero Dark Thirsty?

7. Question:What would be in your perfect sandwich?

Answer: Perfect sandwich? Two slices of white bread, mustard, mayo and a platinum American Express card.

8. Question: I know that it is just a role, but are there any similarities between you and Peter Quill? What about Andy Dwyer?

Answer: Quill and I are basically the same person. We were born in the same year. We loved the same movies. The same music. If I were kidnapped at 10, taken to space and based my ideology on the pop culture of 1979-1989 I would be Peter Quill.

9. Question: What brand of tequila were you having? How you holding up?

Answer: I was drinking Patron. But then Hornitos, bad call. I’m holding up well. I’m on a juice fast thing so the tequila juice fit right in! Haha! Actually doing surprisingly well. I must be a pro!

10. Question: Who would win in a fight, you or Nick Offerman?

Answer: Trick question. We would never fight. Unless it was us against anybody else in which case we would win.

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Is the Apple Watch Sport Waterproof? Here’s a Test

Turns out it can be submerged for 15 minutes and still work

An Australia video blogger for FoneFox, a YouTube channel dedicated to smartphone reviews and tutorials, got his hands on a new Apple Watch Sport. So naturally, the first thing he and his fellow bloggers wanted to do was test how the device stands up to water damage. (Apple considers the devices “water resistant” and not completely waterproof.)

They begin with a basic splash test. The watch still worked fine. Then he brought it into the shower. Still fine. Then they submerged it into a bucket. Still fine. Finally, they took the watch for a 15-minute swim in a pool, and afterward, it still remained totally functional.

“It’s actually a lot more waterproof than we had originally anticipated,” they conclude. While it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry if your Apple Watch gets wet, we still do not recommend taking it for a swim. Be smart, guys.

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Watch This Girl Totally Freak Out When Her Mom Surprises Her With a Puppy

"Oh my God! You're SO CUTE!"

There’s something so sweet about watching young kids just completely lose it when their parents surprise them with a puppy.

In the above clip, a young girl comes home from school, thinking it’s just another normal afternoon. When she opens the door and notices someone filming, she clearly realizes something is going on — and when she realizes that that something is a new puppy in the next room, she freaks out. She screams and sprints toward the puppy, shouting at him, “YOU’RE SO CUTE.”

He really is so cute, and we totally understand why she freaks out. She cries because she’s just so overjoyed to have a puppy, who, in the meantime, is just happily waggin’ his tail.

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