Men in WWII military uniforms gesture on Omaha Beach in Vierville sur Mer, western France , Friday June 6, 2014.
Thibault Camus—AP
By Maya Rhodan
June 6, 2014

Happy Friday, morning must readers! Today is the 70th anniversary of D-Day. Check out TIME’s 1944 D-Day maps and more of our anniversary coverage online.

  • In today’s news: Obama honors D-Day heroes [TIME]
  • North Korea detains an American tourist for violating an unspecified law. [NBC News]
  • US adds 217k jobs in May [BLS]
  • National Institute of Health warning: teens need to stay away from weed [The Hill]
  • Hillary Clinton writes of Biden, Bergdahl in new book [Politico]
  • Texas GOP could endorse “reparative therapy” for gays and lesbians at their annual state convention. Similar therapies have been banned in other states, including New Jersey and California [AP]
  • Obama on Putin: his Russian counterpart “has a chance to get back into a lane of international law,” Obama said, following a meeting Thursday of G7 leaders in Brussels, Belgium, at which Russia was excluded. [CNN]
  • Hillary opens up to People: “I know I have a decision to make… But part of what I’ve been thinking about, is everything I’m interested in and everything I enjoy doing – and with the extra added joy of ‘I’m about to become a grandmother,’ I want to live in the moment. At the same time I am concerned about what I see happening in the country and in the world.” [People]
  • The last time Qatar promised to watch a a Gitmo prisoner, he walked [TIME]
  • Obama is sabotaging Democratic Senate hopes: “The president reportedly has told his close allies that losing the Senate would be “unbearable,” but his administration is doing everything possible to make things difficult for his party’s most vulnerable senators.” [National Journal]
  • Top Senators strike VA reform deal [TIME]
  • Rahm Emanuel: DC hero, Chicago goat [Politico]
  • Michelle Obama to speak at Maya Angelou memorial service [Washington Post]
  • For a decade, GM response to fatal flaw was a shrug [NYT]
  • Senate confirms Sylvia Matthews Burwell to head HHS [LA Times]

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