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Burger King French Fry
Burger King/AP

Burger King Adds Healthier Satisfries to Kids' Meals

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Burger King is making sure its kids meals have the fast food company's lower calorie fries, called Satisfries.

In September, Burger King unveiled "Satisfries," which taste just like their standard fries, but according to the company, have 40% less fat and 30% fewer calories than standard fast food fries.

Now, the company says it will automatically include Satisfries in kids' meals instead of the higher calorie versions. According to Advertising Age, the serving size for Satisfries will be about 3 oz. Other food items included in the meal are apple slices and the choice of either a cheeseburger, hamburger, four-piece chicken nuggets or six-piece chicken nuggets.

Although the exact mechanism for creating the lower calorie fries remains under wraps, the company says the secret is in the batter. The Satisfries batter is less porous, so the fries do not soak up as much oil, making them less caloric.

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