Courtesy Jimmie Johnson

I love so much about you it’s hard to articulate in just a few words. Your joy impacts my life like nothing else can. The world awaits your huge, open hearts. And the world will be better for them. Because this world needs more love like yours in it.

As I write this, Evie, you are just four years old, and Lydia, you’re just one. But to watch you interact with each other and to see the care you have for relatives and friends makes your huge hearts easy to see. Don’t lose that. Those big, loving hearts are something I’m very proud of as a father. It proves to me that you feel the love your mom and I give you. We love you above everything.

Meanwhile, make sure to protect your heart. When you open yourself up you become vulnerable. Vulnerability is a human trait that makes you very special. It is a trustworthy trait. But vulnerability also makes you susceptible to getting hurt. Be mindful of that, but go all-out with love.

You deserve every friend. But make friends earn it. That includes your future husbands. I don’t mind if you’re extremely picky in that particular area! And remember you’re always daddy’s girls first!

It’s contradictory, this note. I know that. Open yourself up, but don’t. In general, be kind to others. You are already extremely loving and kind people with infectious smiles!

At some point you might be hurt. But don’t let that deter you. Continue to love. Hurt sometimes take awhile to heal, but with time and healing comes clarity and peace.

I wish you love and peace, always.

I love you both so much.

Johnson is an award-winning NASCAR driver

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