Nicolas Achury

When you were in your mother’s womb, I spent nights trying to imagine you—to see your face, your eyes, your mouth, your hands, your toes. But only when you were born did I really understand just what you would mean to us.

I still remember those days, sitting in the delivery room, waiting for each one of you with your mom. The doctor would call me: “Come here, the baby is coming.” I would feel a mixture of joy and nerves come over me that I could not describe with words alone. And then, in the blink of an eye, as when a candle is lit in the darkness, you would appear, illuminating the whole place.

Each time in that room, we broke out in celebration, because we knew that our lives had changed forever—that they would be filled with radiance, like the light the sun gives when it rises in the morning, painting the horizon. I took each one of you in my arms and I sat on the sofa near the bed where your mother was. I cried tears of joy. In shock, I gazed at you and gave thanks to God while your grandmother, next to me, smiled and gave you blessings.

At first, I imagined that my mission as a father would be to teach you everything I knew about life: the physical, the intellectual, the spiritual. But as the days passed, I realized that I would be learning from you. Yes, you read that right—I would also be your student. The purity of your souls, your innocence, reminded me that I, too, one day came to this world like you, innocent and with a pure soul. I felt myself reconnecting with my father and mother, completing this mysterious and magical circle of existence.

The three of you have shown me the true path of all human beings in the world: finding true, pure love—the kind of love that cannot be created, but only born with children. So I made it a priority to give you all the love in the world, so that you could eventually give that love to each other, and to others. I want to thank you—all three of you—for making my days happier, for bringing meaning and purpose to my life, for giving me the strength to get up every morning, for being my inspiration and energy source.

One day, I hope you will read these words and truly understand their meaning. By then, you might be in college, or you might even be a mother or father. And you will understand that what I say comes from love, from the heart. This world in which we live needs more of that kind of love. So please set an example for others. Give love and you will receive love. Before you judge someone, first put yourself in their shoes. And remember that fear should only make you more alert, not paralyzed.

Never stop being you, and believe in yourself. No matter what anyone says, you are unique—there is only one you, and that makes you special. I love you.


Juanes is an award-winning Latin musician who has sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. His hit song Juntos (Together) is on the McFarland, USA soundtrack, and he is currently on tour.

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