The TIME CO2 Earth Awards | 2023

Honoring individuals influencing the future of the planet through their work on climate justice, awareness, and activism.

Introducing the Earth Awards

Lead Editors: Kyla Mandel and Elijah Wolfson

Reporting: Leslie Dickstein, Mariah Espada, Justin Worland, and Julia Zorthian

Photo: Sangsuk Sylvia Kang, Kara Milstein, and Dilys Ng

Art: Chrissy Dunleavy, Lon Tweeten, Victor Williams, and Brown Bird Design for TIME

Digital Production: Juwayriah Wright

Video: Jenna Caldwell, Andrew Johnson, Joey Lautrup, Alexandra Robson, Justine Simons, and Erica Solano

Audience: Samantha Cooney and Kari Sonde

Copy: Mark Hokoda and Jennifer Schiavone