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With extreme weather making power outages increasingly common, demand is on the rise for personal power generators to keep the lights on when the grid fails. While most generators are noisy and powered by gasoline, that’s not the case with the EcoFlow DELTA Pro ($3,599 per unit), a whisper-quiet battery-powered generator about the size of a beer cooler. The DELTA Pro can fully charge from a household outlet in three hours; it’s also chargeable from solar panels or electric-vehicle charging stations. With a 3,600-watt-hour capacity, it can keep household essentials running for nearly 24 hours, and multiple units can be networked together to power a whole house for days. —Don Steinberg

Correction, November 10

The original version of this story misstated the name of the invention being recognized. It is the EcoFlow DELTA Pro, not the EcoFlow DELTA.

The original version of this story misstated the EcoFlow DELTA Pro’s capacity. It has a 3,600-watt-hour capacity, not a 3,600-watt capacity.

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