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Big trucks love to flaunt their capabilities. But the new Ford F-150 makes a claim you don’t hear too often: it will power your house. Beyond its payload and towing capabilities, the truck’s hybrid and electric models feature an optional Pro Power Onboard system that transforms the vehicle into a full-on generator able to supply up to 9.6 kilowatts of power—enough juice to run a typical home for three days, according to Ford. The system came in handy for F-150 owners when millions of people were left without heat and electricity following the major storm in Texas last winter and Hurricane Ida earlier this year. “Entire cities were going dark, and our customers could turn their trucks into generators,” says Michael Levine, Ford’s director of North America product communications. The electric model currently has 150,000 preorder reservations ahead of its spring delivery. —­Nik Popli

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