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Amid growing concerns about airborne diseases and pollution, sales of home air purifiers are surging. But while high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters have been shown to reduce most bacteria and a bevy of fine airborne particles, there is at least one problem: “Most air purifiers look like refrigerators sitting in the corner,” says Grant Prigge, CEO and co-founder of Mila. So Prigge set out to make something that looks as good as it performs. His company’s eponymous purifier ($349) not only boasts sleek midcentury-modern aesthetics but also includes a slew of consumer-friendly features not found on competing models, including a radar detection system that senses when people are present and turns down the noise. Backed by Electrolux and Vulcan Capital, Mila also sells a subscription-based menu of filters (from $59) tailored to pet owners, home renovators, the allergy-prone and more. —Alison Van Houten

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