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Tasty and nutritious plant-based alternatives for meat and chicken have been available for years. But seafood? Not so much. That’s the void that Kuleana is trying to fill with its 100% plant-based, sushi-grade, ready-to-eat tuna made from ingredients including algae, koji (a fungus that grows in East Asia), radish, bamboo and potato. Deep red in color and designed to be prepared as sushi, nigiri, carpaccio, poke or ceviche, the alt-tuna retains the iron, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acid of the real thing—without the microplastics, mercury or high cholesterol. And the benefits are more than nutritional—it may also help to alleviate reliance on industrial fishing in the face of increasing demand for fresh food. The product is currently available at select markets in Los Angeles, restaurants in the Midwest and Poké Bar locations nationwide, with a wider rollout via e-commerce slated for the near future. Next on the menu: high-quality, sushi-grade, plant-based salmon. —Sanya Mansoor

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