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The panoramic views offered by 360-degree photos and videos are a blast to share. But the cameras you need to capture them haven’t always been so easy to use. Designed specifically for social media, the minimalist IQUI ($249) makes 360-degree photography simpler than ever. Created by Vecnos—led by Shu Ubukata, creator of the first compact 360-degree camera—the IQUI is equipped with four lenses on a sleek, slender 5.5-in. stick, three shooting horizontally and one pointed straight up. A stand lets you effortlessly capture an entire scene—even if it’s placed, say, at the center of a dinner party—and a companion app easily converts photos into swooping, special-effect-laden MP4 video clips, perfect to wow your pals on Instagram and Twitter. —Alison Van Houten

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