In the midst of a horrific pandemic, economic collapse, grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality, racial tension, extreme-weather disasters and dangerous attacks on American democracy, President Joe Biden came into office with a willingness to think big, not small.

Joe Biden and I have strong disagreements, but it must be acknowledged that he is the first President in a very long time who is attempting to address the fundamental crises facing our nation. In doing that, Biden is restoring faith among ordinary Americans that their government can work for them, and not just for wealthy campaign contributors.

Biden’s bold American Rescue Plan created a strong vaccine program that will save tens of thousands of lives, alleviate hunger and homelessness, reduce the child poverty rate by more than half and help revitalize the economy. Now, through two unprecedented pieces of legislation—the infrastructure bill and the budget resolution—he is leading the effort to create millions of good-paying jobs by rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, address the long unmet needs of working families and tackle the existential threat of climate change. I look forward to working with President Biden on these transformative efforts.

Sanders, an independent, is a U.S. Senator from Vermont

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