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Dwyane Wade was one of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history—he was amazing at getting to the basket. But he has also always seen his role as greater than basketball. He has always been willing to spend his social capital on standing up for other people, using his platform and his philanthropy to move the conversation forward. He doesn’t have to do these things. But he sees that he has a larger purpose, and that his athletic career put him in a position to make the world a better, safer and more loving place.

And with his support for his daughter Zaya, who is transgender, Dwyane has set a powerful example for parents and for society of how to be good allies to young people who are figuring out who they are. Every kid is going to be different in some way or another. Every kid is going to have their own individuality and their own interests and their own identity. He and Gabrielle don’t love Zaya despite who she is. They love Zaya, and they celebrate who she is and they embrace her. He’s modeling how parents can champion their kids, and fight for them, and help them become the best adult that they can be. I think that’s really beautiful.

Legend is a Grammy-winning musician and activist

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