Masks That Do More

B2 Mask
Jessica Pettway for TIME; Prop styling by Stephanie L. Yeh

When it comes to stemming the spread of COVID-19, there’s probably no more important item than the face mask, which, according to the CDC, prevents respiratory droplets from traveling into the air—and onto other people—when we sneeze, cough, talk or raise our voice. It’s certainly the one consumer product that defines 2020. And while any number of variations could be considered a “best invention,” three impressed us most. From top: B2 Mask by Breathe99 is a flexible, rubber-like face piece that holds two replaceable filters that remove about 99.6% of ­particles—and the mask is machine-washable ($59.99 mask; $7.99 filters). [MSK] by Petit Pli uses a fabric made of recycled plastic bottles woven into a patent-­pending origami-like pattern to create a comfortable fit that works for every face ($38). RunMask by IAMRUNBOX uses the materials associated with athletic clothes—organic cotton, spandex and ­polyester—to create a mask that stays cool and comfortable during workouts ($39). —Marjorie Korn

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