Bad Bunny

Stefan Ruiz

When I first saw Bad Bunny perform, what struck me the most was how—even before he opened his mouth—he demanded attention with his larger-than-life presence. Then, he proceeded to unleash his undeniable talent onstage and, game over, I was instantly hooked.

Since then, the unapologetic Puerto Rican musician and creative genius (real name: Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio) has achieved staggering success—the more than 5.8 billion views on his YouTube videos don’t lie—thanks to his provocative lyrics, genre-fusing songs and impactful collaborations with everyone from Drake to Diplo. He is a true musician who speaks the language of the youth, and fans pay attention.

Benito is also outspoken and unafraid when it comes to social conscience and political issues, as seen this past summer, when he put his tour on pause to participate in the protests that led to Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation. I truly admire his commitment to help bring awareness to topics affecting not only our island, but the world. He shows up when it matters most, and makes sacrifices for what he believes is right in his heart. No matter what.

Martin is a Grammy-winning musician

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