Ezra Miller

The Yomiuri Shimbun—AP Images

Ezra Miller looks like a classic Hollywood hero, with razor-sharp cheekbones and a scowling charisma. And given that he’s a face of two blockbuster film franchises—Harry Potter’s Fantastic Beasts and the DC Universe—it wouldn’t have been surprising if he had chosen to conceal his idiosyncrasies. Instead, Miller has fully embraced and broadcast the pieces of his life that set him apart, from his love for his 95-acre farm in Vermont to his queerness, gender fluidity and polyamory. In interviews, he’s spoken out about Hollywood’s “rape culture”; in Playboy magazine, he posed in a dress and bunny ears. That he’s been this open while playing as iconic a superhero as the Flash makes him a new type of role model—and a champion of young nonconformists everywhere. —Andrew R. Chow

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