Camila Cabello

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Scandebergs for TIME

Camila Cabello is a pure and magnetic artist. We met a few years ago at the Latin Grammys, and shortly afterward, she told me that she wanted to sing together. In all my years in this industry, Camila was the first artist I’ve ever told that she could pick whatever song she wanted to sing.

When Camila decided to begin recording as a solo artist, following her success with Fifth Harmony, it was not just to begin to build her own career. By recording as a solo artist, she also brought the roots of Latin music to a much bigger audience.

In times like these, when noise can distort the purity of an artist’s message, Camila has managed to honor her story and her background in an authentic way with her pop music. The impact of her songs—from “Havana” and “Señorita” to “Shameless” and “Liar”—has opened the door so that the world can see and hear the massive potential of the Latin music community.

The privilege of being her friend is an inspiring gift.

Sanz is a Grammy-winning recording artist

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