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Founder and CEO, Moms First

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Saujani‘s advocacy organization Moms First, focused on building workplaces inclusive of working mothers, pushes workplace cultures forward oh paid leave, child care, and pay equity. Under Saujani’s leadership, the organization has released projects as diverse as a new report with high-profile collaborators like Meghan Markle and Geena Davis, direct campaigns to advocate for policy change on the state and federal level, and resources and tools for mothers themselves. For example, the organization released in December, an AI chatbot that helps workers learn about their paid leave benefits and develop an action plan for accessing them.

Right now, what is your biggest question or curiosity about the future of work?

When will the private sector realize that supporting women and moms in the workplace is not just good for their employees, but good for business too? Investing in supports that women and moms need to thrive — like child care and paid family leave—improves retention. Our economy depends on care because women can’t work without care.

What is one problem leaders should be focused on solving in the year ahead?

As the founder of Girls Who Code, I know as well as anyone the risks technology poses to the most vulnerable among us. But I’ve also seen how, when we’re distracted by doomsday, we miss incredible opportunities to help those same communities. That means prioritizing getting AI in the hands of women, young people, people of color, and low-income communities while the technology is still in its relatively early stages. We must ensure their voice is at every table at the AI research centers, social media companies, Congress, the White House—so that they can shape the future of AI policy and technology, not simply be at the mercy of it.

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