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Your New Parlor Trick: How to Open a Bottle of Wine With Your Shoe

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Let us, for a moment, paint a quick scene: you’ve got a real hankering for wine — and you have a bottle of wine! Everything in your life is perfect. But then you realize there’s nary a corkscrew in sight, and your world slowly starts to crumble as you realize that sweet, sweet nectar is trapped in glass, leaving YOU trapped in a glass case of emotion.

Make no mistake: that’s a terrible situation. But this handy tutorial from Mirabeau Wine fixes everything by teaching you how to open a bottle of wine using nothing more than a shoe, a wall and some determination. You might want to practice in private a few times before performing this trick at a party, because it would be pretty embarrassing if you ended up shattering the bottle and spilling wine all over yourself. Though to be fair, that would probably be even more entertaining to your fellow party-goers.

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