And Just Like That Season 2 Pays Homage to the SATC Movie. Here’s How

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As a sequel, And Just Like That was always destined for nostalgia—old friends, old flings, and old haunts have all made appearances in the Max spinoff of Sex and the City and season 2, coming June 22, is no exception. While the surprise return of Samantha Jones, PR maven and Carrie’s estranged best friend, has been much anticipated, there’s another blast from the past that viewers can look forward to as they watch the show.

In the first two episodes of the second season, fans of the show will re-encounter two items that played pivotal roles in the first Sex and the City movie. First, Carrie’s magnificent Vivienne Westwood wedding dress that she wore when Big left her standing at the altar, makes an appearance in episode 1. In the film, the dress—featuring a strapless corset bodice and a billowing ball gown skirt—was gifted to Carrie by the designer after she wore it for a Vogue wedding dress shoot, leading to her wear it on her ill-fated wedding day, along with a distinct turquoise bird fascinator.

In And Just Like That, Carrie pulls the dress from the recesses of her closet after she’s suddenly left without a dress for the biggest night in fashion, the annual Met Gala. Though it’s been over a decade since she originally wore it, the gown is still as striking as ever—and Carrie ups the drama factor by not only accessorizing with the bird headpiece, but also pairing the look with a cape, opera gloves, and matching pumps in the same shade of turquoise blue as the bird’s feathers. While the memories of the first wearing of the dress still smart, Carrie is ever-ready with arch commentary for its next outing, quipping, “And just like that, I repurposed my pain.”

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Carrie’s wedding dress isn’t the only call back to Sex and the City movie in season 2. In the next episode, after Charlotte’s daughter, Lily decides to sell off her designer-laden wardrobe to a consignment site to pay for a new electric keyboard, a dismayed Charlotte surveys her daughter’s nearly empty closet, which is basically bare save for a few items of clothing—and the notorious Judith Leiber cupcake purse that catalyzed Big and Carrie’s most dramatic breakup yet. In the film, Lily, Carrie’s flower girl for her big day, hides Carrie’s pink flip phone in her sparkly cupcake purse ahead of the wedding—preventing Carrie from being able to answer Big’s many frantic calls to her. The break in communication results in not only a cancelled wedding but Carrie and Big’s worst split. While Lily, a mere four-year-old in the film, can hardly be blamed for hiding Carrie’s phone in her purse, judging from reactions from some viewers after season 1 of AJLT, its appearance in season 2 may still be triggering to some viewers.

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