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Absolutely Everyone ‘Knows a Spot’ for a Date Thanks to This Truly Enjoyable Meme

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While a bunch of people on Twitter are claiming to know a great spot, their choices won’t make you want to leave your house any time soon.

A recent meme is taking over social media where people suggest they “know a place” or “know a spot” and it usually turns out to be somewhere absolutely awful that no one would want to go to. Some versions of the meme use the format to poke fun at people for their romantic behavior and dating choices, other versions showcase a trait of a favorite characters from literature (Lady Macbeth) or television (Jon Snow) or musician (Axl Rose). While some of the memes are sweet, like the one where Jimin from BTS shows off his favorite spot (it’s in a hug!) others are sly digs at, for example, journalists or Geminis.

While the memes offer a little escapist fun, as these tweets show, leaving your house during the pandemic on the hunt for a favorite spot probably isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Scroll through a sampling of the know a spot memes below.

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