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The Popular Wipe It Down Challenge Makes Transforming Into a Whole New Look Easy

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TikTok users are constantly coming up with new ways to keep themselves busy while staying indoors and challenging others to do the same.

The latest trend is the so-called Wipe It Down challenge, where thanks to a little editing, a swipe of the mirror results in a whole new look—and a new way to stay entertained.

The idea behind the challenge is simple: the video begins with someone wearing one outfit, they they wipe down a mirror, and appear in a new look, only to keep wiping and returning to their original outfit all while the song “Wipe It Down” by BMW Kenny plays. It’s a bit like a modern day version of Cinderella, as she magically transforms from a shabbily dressed fireplace cleaner to ready for a ball and back again, with video editing standing in for the help of friendly birds and mice and everyone wearing sweatpants.

According to internet database Know Your Meme, the challenge started with TikToker rominagafur on April 26, 2020, where she wipes a mirror, only for her appearance to change halfway through. Her TikTok video, set to the song “The Box” by Roddy Ricch with its squeaky sound effect, gained over 730,000 likes in a month and sparked a trend. Things really took off, though, when comedian Lauren Compton took part in the challenge using the now-standard song “Wipe It Down” and briefly transforming into the character Harley Quinn:

Now, as of Thursday morning, the “wipeitdown” hashtag on TikTok has over 460 million views and people around the world are taking part, including some celebrities, like actress Colleen Ballinger, who briefly reprised her character Miranda Sings from the show Haters Back Off, in her entry to the challenge:

Singer and Dance Moms star JoJo Siwa took part in the challenge, too, taking down her trademark high ponytail for a new, albeit likely temporary, look:

Here are a few other examples to inspire anyone who may want to take part and at least briefly imagine a world where you are not wearing sweatpants:

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