May 5, 2020 11:42 AM EDT

Whoever originally said that desperate times call for desperate measures, they undoubtedly could not imagine that some day “desperate measures” would mean adorably small waffles served in a bowl. Yet here we are.

As many across the world continues to stay at home to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, people staying at home first started tending to their sourdough starters. Then they turned to photogenic whipped drinks like Dalgona coffee and frothy strawberry milk. Now it is pancake and waffle cereal’s time to take over the social media spotlight.

First, bowls of miniature pancakes slathered in syrup were spotted popping up on TikTok. The adorable tiny breakfast bites were accompanied by the #pancakecereal hashtag and were cute enough for a tiny hamster to eat, racking up millions of views on TikTok alone.

Now, as Delish points out, at least one food influencer is trying to shift attention a little further down the breakfast buffet in the hopes that adorable bowls of teeny tiny waffles will become the next social media stars.

On TikTok, @soflofooodie, who has mastered the miniature food trend, shared a video of bite-sized waffles served in a bowl. The tiny morsels are drenched in maple syrup and topped with a dollop of butter and a photo-ready dash of colorful sprinkles and are nearly too cute to eat. To make the miniature waffles at home, squeeze just enough batter to cover a single square of a waffle iron with batter. When both sides are a golden brown, put them in a bowl and get them ready for their close-up.

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