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Flavorful Whipped Milk Is the Latest Photogenic Beverage That People Are Whipping Up

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William Shakespeare may have written King Lear during the plague, but the Bard couldn’t have imagined the culinary creativity stemming from the ongoing social isolation during the time of coronavirus, particularly when it comes to whipped drinks.

The first whipped drink to really take social media by storm during the pandemic was Dalgona coffee, a fluffy and delicious coffee drink named for a type of Korean candy. The photogenic drink is made from a blend of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water whipped into a cloud-like froth and served over ice and milk. The drink started popping up online as many across the world locked down to help prevent the further spread of coronavirus. It first appears to have emerged in South Korea and then slowly made its way across the world. One TikTok video of the coffee making process racked up nearly two million likes.

Of course, trends come and go quickly on the internet and while Dalgona coffee is still delicious, it’s already time for a new variation it comes to sharing on TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter. The new offering? Whipped strawberry milk, an evocative pink concoction that will have you dreaming of summer days made with strawberry Nesquik powder in the recipe shared by Instagram user @SweetPortfolio.

If you don’t have Strawberry Quik, make your own strawberry syrup as directed by Instagram user @munchieslog, who created an equally pretty drink that is potentially less sugary:

Chocolate fans will also appreciate the cocoa version, which is even easier and arguably more delicious than Dalgona coffee:

If you’re still sating your sweet tooth, there’s the whipped Nutella variation, which is a picture-perfect drink made by simply blending Nutella with heavy whipping cream until frothy and dolloping it all on to a glass of iced milk.

Healthy eating fans may also approve of this gloriously green matcha version:

Whatever your favorite flavor happens to be, fix yourself a whipped drink and raise a glass to Shakespeare, who has no idea what he is missing.

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