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The Way This Dramatic Dog Displays an Unparalleled Attitude As He Crawls Is Truly an Inspiration

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If you think you can stop this dog from getting his crawl on, then you’re barking up the wrong tree.

In a video that was originally shared by TikTok user @dustinpup, Jack Russell-pug Dustin can be seen scooting down a hallway on his belly as his Corgi brother Tayto walks beside him. But when Dustin turns a corner instead of continuing straight on towards the camera with Tayto, the latter seems to let out a bark of offense. It’s then that Dustin stands up, looks Tayto in the eye and appears to scoff before continuing his crawl with his head held high.

“Wait for Tayto disapproval of the scoot at the end,” @dustinpup captioned the video, which has been liked over 487,000 times.

The post was also shared on Twitter, where Dustin’s unparalleled sassy attitude has racked up some choice responses. “I am sobbing,” wrote one fan of the dogs’ antics.

“The crawling dog went ‘mind ur own business’ KAJDKDJDKDJ,” added another.

Now that’s what we call quality dog drama.

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