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People Could Not Make Heads or Tails of This Viral Dog Photo

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The most recent puzzling imagery to spark a social media debate is a photo of wee little animal following its bliss on a bed.

That’s all that was clear though — the viral dog photo shared by 18-year-old Govinda Tagle, a.k.a. Twitter user @govindatagle who is based in Mexico has some people online convinced that they are looking at a pig. Others, though, feel quite certain it must be a goat. However, trying to gather all the context clues, internet users having some strong feelings, and many people have chimed in.

It’s definitely a dog, and it’s her friend’s pup, Tagle tells TIME.

Many users flipped it to put things into focus.

“I just posted the picture because I thought it was funny,” she told TIME.

The strangely captivating photo, which has garnered thousands of likes was shared last month by the Twitter user.

At first glance, it’s an adorable puppy. But, wait, is it an upside down pig? Some people see it as a goat. It all comes down to context, and what’s at the top of the viewer’s mind.

Remember when the internet felt pretty strongly that this bird was a bunny?

Lucky for everyone, we have some clarity.

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