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Blessed Gift-Wrapping Hack Arrives to Solve Everything and Legitimately People Are Obsessed

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Wrapping gifts can sometimes feel like a test in your ability to correctly estimate the correct amount of wrapping paper in order to adequately cover the gift. Cut too much wrapping paper and you’ll end up with bulky surplus; cut too little of it and you won’t have enough to actually wrap the gift, leaving the package with gaping holes that are uncovered.

However, there’s a clever solution that the Internet has found to solve having too little paper. If your gift is too big to be covered in the wrapping paper you cut when placed conventionally (that is, horizontally or vertically,) simply turn it on the diagonal, which provides more wrapping paper to cover the gift.

It’s a fairly simple life hack, but one that will no doubt make your holiday season much smoother — and help save the amount of wrapping paper you use!

See this viral gift-wrapping hack for yourself below.

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