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‘Peloton Wife’ Returns in a New Aviation Gin Ad — And She Definitely Needs a Drink

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The Peloton woman is back and she’s just as stressed as you thought she was. After a commercial of a man gifting his wife a Peloton stationary bike for Christmas went viral for having cringe-y, Black Mirror-y undertones, actor Ryan Reynolds wanted to have the last laugh.

On Saturday morning, Aviation Gin, which is owned by Reynolds, released a video with the same actress who played the “Peloton Wife,” seemingly playing the same role, chugging gin as concerned friends look on.

If there was any doubt what the ad was referring to, the Deadpool actor tweeted, “Exercise bike not included.”

On the off chance you were in too much of a food coma to have seen the original video over Thanksgiving, here’s a brief rundown. It starts with a woman becoming overjoyed when seeing her Christmas gift of a stationary bike, and then filming herself throughout the year enjoying her the bike — at one point she’s seemingly brought near tears when an instructor says her name. It ends with her showing he compilation to her husband, a testament to how much the bike has changed her.

People on the internet were quick to mock it, pointing out its maybe passive aggressive to get your wife a stationary bike.

Aviation Gin’s new ad builds upon the original’s sense of the dread. It opens with the same actress staring at the camera with a hollow look in her eyes. Her friends sit around in awkward silence.

“This gin is really smooth,” the apparent “Peloton Wife” finally says. The friends quickly agree.

“We can get you another one if you like,” one adds. “You’re safe here,” another chimes in. The Peloton woman then cheers to “new beginnings,” and chugs her whole glass in one go.

As the ad ends her friend chimes in, “You look great by the way.”

Your move, Peloton.

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