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Trolling Expert Unleashes the Most Chaotic Evil Prank: Fake Airpod Stickers

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Anyone knows that waltzing around with Apple AirPods can be a dangerous game. People are terrified of losing them.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that people are losing it over this AirPods sticker prank. Thanks to one user’s glee at revealing his chaotic evil shenanigans to the world, a photo of it has gone viral.

“I made life-size AirPod stickers and stuck them on the ground, all over the city,” he wrote, topping it off with a clown emoji,.

Using his talents as an art director, Pablo Rochat printed these extremely realistic looking 2-dimensional AirPods and sprinkled them around San Francisco, California on sidewalks throughout the city. His tweet garnered 75,000 likes since Sunday.

Of course, people are reacting strongly to the stunt and sharing their traumatic experiences with these flat tech.

“Don’t know what’s more evil,” Twitter user Carrington says. “This prank, or not providing us with the reaction videos.”

This is perhaps not as misleading as the downright dastardly plot to make battery power-deficient travelers think there’s unused power outlet with another sticker like this.

See some of the reactions the horrifying AirPod prank below.

People had to give it to him.

Proceed with a grain of salt or maybe several.

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