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This Perfectly Timed Mini Dog Photo Produced the Most Successful Fail

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Famed photographer Ansel Adams once credited his success behind the camera to “arriv[ing] just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.” If that’s the secret to creating a winning photo, based on a picture of a dog and its owner making the rounds of the internet right now, God has a pretty good sense of humor—or a dog has an incredible sense of timing.

A dog owner was just trying to take a cute selfie with her pup, but after clicking the shutter, the resulting image was not exactly what she had in mind. User ShamPow20 shared the hilarious selfie on Reddit, writing, “Attempted to take a cute picture of me and my dog. This was the result.”

The perfectly-timed photo shows her dog lifting its head just at the exact right moment to make it look like dog and owner were one and the same with the little pup’s snoot standing in for the owner’s mouth. The combined effect is of a cartoonishly deep frown. It’s simultaneously adorable and hysterical and goes to show that Adams was right, photography does involve excellent timing.

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