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Photobombing Legend in the Background of This Wedding Photo Is Clearly the Only One Having the Best Day

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You know that magical moment of looking into the eyes of your beloved, knowing you’ve won their heart forever? We are not talking about a wedding, but rather, the emotional moment of finally beating your Space Invaders high score.

Well, for one guy, that special, romantic moment actually took place at a wedding. “The wedding photographer managed to capture one of the biggest highlights of my life,” one Reddit user wrote on Wednesday, accompanying a picture of someone’s tie being adjusted, while the real action was in the back, as he defeated those invaders of the infamous 1970s video game once and for all.

In a subsequent comment, the user, John, revealed that his high score was 2,750. And his pride in that score is nothing to scoff at, considering the creator of the game himself, Tomohiro Nishikado, has said he was sorry for how frustratingly hard it can be. “Most competitive gamers are happy to achieve 5,000 points,” the Guardian reported last year.

While the biggest video game news of the week has been Fortnite’s black hole, this iconic photobomb may have just outdone it.

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