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Young Real-Life ‘Fruit Ninja’ Attempt Ends in Hilariously Avoidable Inflatable Pool Disaster

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Have you ever watched a situation unfold knowing what the end result would be but still hoping there was some way things would play out differently? Well, that’s exactly what you’re about to get in this video of a young boy attempting to slice an apple in half with a sword while standing next to an inflatable pool.

The video — which was shared on Twitter on Monday and has already been liked over 22,000 times and retweeted nearly 6,000 — shows the boy unsheathing a sword before taking a swing at an apple he positioned on top of two vertically stacked logs. Unfortunately, although he manages to connect with the apple, his swing also slashes the inflatable pool, causing gallons of water to spill out into the yard.

“Before it happens you think ‘no way is it going to happen…’ and then it happens,” the Twitter user who posted the video captioned it.

Watching this real-life ‘Fruit Ninja’ attempt gone wrong is worth it just for the shocked look on the boy’s face when he realizes what he’s done.

See the full video below.

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