Updated: August 23, 2019 12:00 PM ET | Originally published: August 20, 2019 2:52 PM EDT

Residents of Denver, Colorado’s Stapleton neighborhood thought they were going to watch a movie in the great outdoors, what they witnessed instead was “The Great Mattress Migration of 2019.”

As many as 150 mattresses had been set up for an outdoor movie night in the park, according to The Denver Channel, but before moviegoers could kick back in those air mattresses to watch Back to the Future in style, a sudden storm swept through. Without humans to weigh them down, the mattresses were free to go wherever the wind would take them.

So the wind picked up the air mattresses and sent that flock of mattresses blowing in the wind and flying across the city’s Runway 35 Park. According to the Denver Post, local Robb Manes was hanging out in a swimming pool when the wind kicked up. He was understandably surprised when an air mattress dropped out of the sky, like an unwanted Amazon delivery. It landed in the pool next to him, as if the storm wanted Manes to have a new floatie.

After the first few air mattresses were air dropped on him, Manes decided to get out of the pool to find out what was going on. That’s when he saw the air mattress version of a Sharknado heading his way. Instead of running for cover, Manes bravely whipped out his camera to capture the footage as the wind carried some 50 to 100 mattresses straight at him. Like the greatest storm chasers and weather-beaten meteorologists, Manes stood his ground despite the risks. If his footage of the Great Mattress Migration of 2019, in the video above, doesn’t earn him a Pulitzer, hopefully at least it should earn him a job with National Geographic.

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