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The Where Y’all Sitting? Lunch Table Meme Is Separating the Internet Into Very Specific Categories

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In case you want to revisit the dilemma of which lunch table to sit at in a school cafeteria, there’s now a meme for that. Meet the “Where y’all sitting?” meme, which asks you to consider table you would want to sit at, according to its labels. Like school, there’s an element of a popularity contest here. Unlike school, however, the tables aren’t separated by jocks or nerds. The meme separates the tables by fandoms, songs, television and movies and other things.

According to Know Your Meme, the “Where y’all sitting?” meme may have started in late July, when Twitter user @journalsfire posted a photo of a cafeteria with the tables labeled with groups of different Justin Bieber songs, accompanied by the caption, “Where are you sitting?” The tweet then inspired other users to do it with their favorite artists and interests, with lots of enthusiastic memes coming from the K-pop community. The surge of interest also led to the use of a cartoon cafeteria image from VectorToons, that made it easier to label the tables and to have multiple groups.

Now, the meme has been used for plenty of subjects, ranging from astrology and fashion to Taylor Swift songs and YouTube personalities.

Some people even veered into politics with the meme.

While others had jokes about where their loyalty was.

The question still remains, however: Where y’all sitting?

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