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Everyone Loves This Heartwarming Story of This Grandpa Who Lives to Give His Loved Ones Manicures

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Here’s a heartwarming story the whole internet is ready to support: the tale of a granddaughter, her grandpa and his skill as a manicurist for the ladies in his life.

Twitter user Ayla Winter-White unfortunately had to undergo a reconstructive surgery recently, but she was aided along in her recovery by her 82-year-old grandpa Keith, who came to make her “feel better,” as she explained — by painting her nails. Apparently, he’s been working as a low-key manicurist for her grandma for three decades. Luckily, he decided to put his longtime skill to use for her as well.

In the video Winter-White shared, Keith is unwilling to be distracted by the off-camera voice of his wife Margaret asking him questions. “I’ve got an important job at the moment,” he insists, clarifying the number of coats of polish his granddaughter wants in an admirable show of focus.

And he’s not only an expert manicurist: Keith also is a “personal photographer” to his wife, Winter-White shared, as well as the star of a TikTok-style video to the tune of hit “Old Town Road.” In other words, this is no regular grandpa.

His appeal has not gone unnoticed; the original nail-painting video has been liked over a million times on Twitter, and he’s been lavished with praise online, for good reason.

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