Please Enjoy All the Newscasters Totally Incapable of Believing That August Has Arrived

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Can you believe it’s August already? Apparently most newscasters can’t—even though Jimmy Kimmel tried to warn them.

Last year, the video team at Jimmy Kimmel Live! put together a compendium of newscasters around the country shocked that the inexorable march of time was continuing, and it was already August.

It was an impressive array of shocked expressions and head shaking as if the news had come entirely out of the blue. It was a funny piece of video and a good reminder to newscasters that time stops for no one—not even local news celebrities.

After the video was released, newscasters were on notice that pointing out the passage of time is cliché. And yet, once again, when the calendar rolled to August, the news of the new month seemed to come as a complete surprise to local news anchors, many of whom, once again, expressed their dismay over the calendrical wake-up call.

So once again, Kimmel’s team jumped into action, putting together yet another mashup of some 20 or so of the nation’s finest newscasters being very surprised that it is, in fact, already August.

“Wait ’til they hear about September,” Kimmel said while showing the clip. “They’re gonna lose their minds.”

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