Chuckle at These New Game of Thrones Memes Forever Because ‘Laughter Is Poison to Fear’

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Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones.

“The Last of the Starks,” the fourth Game of Thrones’ episode of season 8 on Sunday night, was filled with so many unintentionally comical moments thanks to all those power moves.

After some Winterfell celebrating and deliberating, the action eventually headed to King’s Landing where just about all the key players were clamoring for a slice of power or at least unacknowledged craving for some personal agency.

As usual, it was bleak central, but even if the story’s far from a laugh riot, the memes are. With the Westerosi in a near-perpetual state of sparring, lusting, or key decision-making, the show still somehow felt like comedy gold on Twitter.

Finding the joke opportunities between the true shockers of the evening like Missandei’s execution and Jamie and Brienne of Tarth sleeping together, people sapped the comedy out of the moments to quickly fire out the memes that spread on the wings of joy.

Don’t worry. Catelyn Stark was right when she said “laughter is poison to fear.”

Here are the most delightful of the bunch in this round-up of the best memes of Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4:

The ‘coffee cup mistake’

Dany and Jon’s awkward moment

Lord Gendry

Dany and Jon’s intense fireside chat

The Hound and Tormund, buddy comedy edition

Gendry proposing

Fun Party Brienne

Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth’s moment

Sad Brienne

Sansa’s chat with The Hound

The Hound and Arya

Missandei awaits her fate on Game of Thrones season eight episode 4
Missandei awaits her fate on Game of Thrones season eight episode 4Helen Sloan/HBO

The Mountain beheading Missandei

Euron Greyjoy killing Rhaegal

Jon and Samwell

The Goodbye for Ghost that never was

Tyrion’s splashy moment

Sansa “keeping” Jon’s not-so-secret secret

Bran tells Arya and Sansa about Jon's claim to the throne
The Stark Siblings urge Jon to reconsider his loyaltyHelen Sloan/HBO

All-around great guy Bronn’s deciding not to shoot Jamie Lannister with that crossbow

The Hound in dining hall mode

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