Emily Blunt Can’t Get Over How Adorable Stephen Colbert Is When He’s Running

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Emily Blunt stopped by The Late Show on Tuesday night to talk about her new movie, Mary Poppins Returns. However, the star had something else to discuss: Stephen Colbert’s adorable running style.

After saying their hellos and Colbert’s compliments on her all-black plaid ensemble (“You look like Captain Scotland!” he said), Blunt launched right into it. “I have to tell you, you have the cutest run I’ve ever seen, ever,” she said. It’s not that Blunt was spying on Colbert while he trained for a marathon or anything involving sweating while wearing shorts, but rather the little jog Colbert takes each night as he runs from backstage to his seat behind The Late Show desk. “You run out here and you look like a sprite,” Blunt said. “You’re so adorable! You make me smile.”

Blunt did have one question though which she couldn’t ascertain just from watching his nightly sprint. “Are you legitimately quick?” she asked? Colbert cracked up laughing, putting his leg on the desk and quickly dissuading her of the idea. “The men in my family are not known for their long shanks,” he explained. Colbert quickly the subject. Blunt did accomplish one thing, though, everyone will be paying much closer attention to Colbert’s on-stage dash from now on.

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