This Member of Congress Shut Down a Protester by Auctioneering

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It wasn’t quite a scene straight out of an improv comedy show, but it was close.

As Twitter chief executive officer Jack Dorsey testified during Wednesday’s House Committee on Energy and Commerce hearing before Congress, alt-right conspiracy theorist Laura Loomer stood up to disrupt the proceedings with a plea.

“I’m asking you President Donald Trump. Please help us Mr. President, before it’s too late,” she said.

“Because Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election, to sway the election, so that Democrats can steal the election. That is why he is censoring and shadow banning conservatives.”

Loomer has been banned from major social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for violating the rules the rules in the past. This year, she alleged that the shootings at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas were staged.

She was about to be swiftly dismissed from the room. But before she could finish, Missouri Rep. Billy Long took control of the room. And he drew on his past experience as an auctioneer of all things.

Staging a mock auction to drown out the sound of her argument, he began rattling off dollar amounts in increments as though people were bidding. He appeared to have started at $12, amusing some in the room who appeared to appreciate the surprising moment.

You can see Long in action as an auctioneer in a past life in the video below.

As to be expected, people were quick to sound off at the surprising moment.

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