Mustard Is the Latest Polarizing Pizza Topping and People Have Strong Feelings

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Forget pineapple. Mustard is here to take over as the top polarizing pizza topping.

After it was brought to the Internet’s attention that Lions & Tigers & Squares—a Detroit-style pizzeria in New York—offers a pie that substitutes mustard for tomato sauce, people immediately began sharing their opinions on the matter.

Many were opposed to the switch-up. “To all y’all that complain about pineapples on pizza, THIS pizza with mustard on it is what y’all should be disgusted with instead,” tweeted one mustard naysayer.

However, others were intrigued by the mustard, corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese combo. “I’d love to try it,” a Twitter user wrote. “I get barbecue instead of tomato on the base and dip the crust into honey mustard anyway so I’d give it a go.”

See some of the reactions below.

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