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Try This Full-Body Workout With Your Baby or Toddler From Celeb Trainer Anna Kaiser

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As a new mom, you’re completely and utterly exhausted and that can affect your clarity, motivation and definitely your commitment to working out. Even as a fitness instructor, I struggled with getting back into a routine — fitness and otherwise — when I had my first child a little over a year ago. My core and hip stability were compromised and I had to deal with a whole new reality of feedings, diaper changes and being the prime caregiver to an infant.

My number-one advice to new moms who are returning to working out is to take it easy and go slow. Be patient with yourself — it will come back! It took me a year before my body fully recovered. There is only so much you can do when your hormones and sleep cycles are changing constantly, and you are not only recovering, but adapting to a new life. Remember, recovery is just as important as gaining strength and balance again. Always make sure you have clearance from your doctor before hitting a treadmill or your favorite group class again, and listen to your body.

When you are ready to work out again, a great way to bond with your new nugget and torch some calories is to work out and get stronger together. As he or she gets bigger, your body will get stronger in an effort to support a growing baby. All you need for this workout is your little angel. Try to start with a few of the exercises when your baby is little. As he or she gets bigger, your body will be ready for the increased challenge.

The burpees, which I only recommend once you’ve been working out for a few months and have gained back most of your strength, are a perfect full-body blast that will engage every muscle and raise your heart rate. The inner thigh pulses will help build up strength in that area again, which can weaken while you’re pregnant. And the rock-n-roll crunches with kisses at the end are just fun — you’ll definitely get a giggle or two!

So when you’re ready, grab your baby, turn on your favorite music and get ready to work up a sweat with one of the best gym buddies you’ll ever have.

TIP: For the baby deadlifts, make sure your knees are slightly bent.

Perform this routine, which should take approximately 15-20 minutes, at least 3x per week.

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