By Raisa Bruner
May 24, 2018

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a notoriously delightful marriage, and two daughters together to boot. But in a new profile with Mr. Porter Journal, Deadpool 2 star Reynolds shared a tidbit about the one person he’d want to get to stay with in a hotel room for the night who is most definitely not his wife: legendary comedian Steve Martin.

Reynolds is an old-school Martin fan, reminiscing in the interview about seeing (and loving) Martin in the 1987 classic comedy Planes, Trains and Automobiles, which he memorized “verbatim” as a kid. And even today, Martin’s style cues in that movie inspire him — so much that he’s now the face of the Piaget watch brand, which is also what Martin wore in the film.

Which brings us back to his dream hotel date. “If I had to trade my Piaget for anything, it would definitely be for one night in a sh—y motel room with Steve Martin,” Reynolds joked to Mr. Porter Journal. “I think that’s a pretty good deal, too. Yeah, pillows and all. ‘Those aren’t pillows!’” (The joke is a reference to a scene in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.)

Piaget watches retail for many thousands of dollars, and Reynolds also noted in his interview that he intends to pass his down to his first daughter, James, as something of an heirloom. But someone get Steve Martin on the phone — surely he’d be willing to hang out with the man behind the Deadpool mask for much less than the cost of a high-end watch.


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