Pork Ice Cream Is Here to Get You Pumped for Summer

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Another day, another surprise out of the great state of New Jersey. This time it’s a food concoction in the form of a ham-spiked ice cream flavor from Windy Brow Farms, a small dairy farm. Launched this spring as part of an “Only in Jersey” collection, the ice cream involves “local maple syrup, house made challah French toast and caramelized Taylor ham.” They add: “It’s about as crazy (awesome) as it sounds.” (Taylor ham, for the uninitiated, is also called “pork roll” colloquially and is a Jersey-specific delicacy. It’s a “processed pork product,” which involves meat mixed with preservatives, sugars and spices. Delicious!)

Eater has further details on how it’s crafted: the pork is cooked, fried, and sugar-topped before it gets mixed in to the ice cream itself, so at least you know you won’t be getting any soggy meat in your sundae. While the creator admitted to local news that a pork ice cream would ham only could be “gross,” the addition of French toast and maple syrup is intended to balance the salty with the sweet.

While this flavor may be a polarizing choice, the family-owned farm, bakery and orchard that is Windy Brow Farms does have other options for you that aren’t just-New-Jersey favorites. Perhaps caramel fudge brownie is more your style?

Then again, everyone loves a culinary Frankenstein.

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