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Get Fit for Summer With This Physio Ball Workout From Celeb Trainer Anna Kaiser

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The physio ball is one of my favorite pieces of gym equipment. It decreases the base of support and adds a stability challenge, which increases your connection to your core. It also forces you to engage your whole body, which means even though you’re working primarily on your arms or legs, you’re actually getting a full body workout during the whole routine.

Take the plank with toe taps, for example, it primarily works your upper body and core, but in order to perform the move correctly you really have to stay still and stabilize through your whole body. In other words, no muscle is left unscathed.

It’s a challenging workout, but I promise you the results are worth it.

TIP: You can substitute the physio ball with a chair for added stability during the plank with toe taps and twisted single leg teases. For the teeter totter push-ups, jackknife and toe taps, beginners should puts their quads on the ball, intermediates should put their shins on the ball and advanced exercisers should place their toes on the ball.

Perform this routine twice, which should take approximately 20 minutes, at least 3x per week.

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